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True Colors FASHION presents The Future is Now! a series of presentations & dialogues about tech wearables and adaptive fashion, directed by Yoichi Ochiai

Clothing is a basic necessity, but at its best, becomes a form of self-expression called Fashion. Human bodies call for fashion that is designed to recognise individuality and updated by technology.

True Colors FASHION: The Future is Now! pushes the limits of fashion as we know it to create fashion pieces for diverse bodies, and empowered by technology. It will showcase adaptive fashion, becoming the launchpad for innovations and creations that expand on existing wearables such as prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs.

Directed by renowned media artist, Yoichi Ochiai, the show brings together some of the world’s leading tech companies and fashion brands and a diverse cast of models, to present 11 creations in an electrifying fashion presentation and a series of insightful dialogues that reveal the power of the collaborative process.

True Colors FASHION:
The Future is Now! : Archives

May 30, 2021
Starts from 1pm (JST)

  • Japanese subtitles, English subtitles

  • Audio description (JP only)


Directors's message

Fashion Diversified by Naturalizing Technology Transformation of Wearables

When we look at the diversity of living things, we are struck by the beauty of harmony between the landscape and the ecological niches of nature.

Just as we, who do not have fur, have been able to dress up, change clothes, and undergo various transformations to suit different seasons and occasions, we continue to evolve as we use technology for our physicality and naturalize this process.

This fashion show aims to present the beauty of various physicalities in relation to nature’s biodiversity. Together with the participants and the audience,

I hope this show will create an opportunity to think about the diversity of the human body, cradled by technology that will become naturalized.

Yoichi Ochiai, General Director


  • Blade for All x Child Runners with Artificial Legs

    “Blade for All,” is a project directed by Ken Endo of Xiborg, creators of prosthetic limbs enhanced with robotics. It aims to make blades for all children – not only those who aspire to be para-athletes – but also those who want to run freely on their own. The project offers affordable prosthetic legs in a variety of colors, which also come with user guides for easy set-up and replacement. The children wear MUJI clothes.

    Project details

  • Mission ARM Japan x HATRA

    A trench coat designed for people with one arm. It comes with a gun flap flared sleeve to create a natural symmetry, changing the perception that the arm is “missing”. Features such as this were included as an outcomes of dialogues, when models shared their experiences and desires for their clothing options. This piece shows how customization can provide greater comfort and confidence, without the need to conform.

    Project details

  • Hirotada Ototake x OTOTAKE PROJECT x Yamato x KORI-SHOW PROJECT

    An inclusive kimono inspired by Hirotada Ototake who was born without limbs. The kimono, adjustable to different lengths, can be worn while walking with prosthetics or sitting in a wheelchair. That a single kimono can be worn in haori length or kimono length is a new concept in the kimono industry, marking progress in inclusive traditional wear.

    Project details

  • Ryuchell x Pregnancy Belly Suit x MIKAGE SHIN

    A gender-neutral dress that can be worn during pregnancy or otherwise. Made by MIKAGE SHIN, a gender-neutral fashion brand, this dress is inspired by tulips, which symbolize unconditional love and benevolence, and irises for hope. It reflects Ryuchell’s progressive take on masculinity, fatherhood and fashion. The puff sleeves are fashionable yet easy-to-wear — a picture of elegance. Ryuchell dons the dress with a pregnancy belly suit, creating the image of a new era of humanity.

    Project details

  • Pippi x Ontenna x ANREALAGE

    ANREALAGE is one of Japan’s leading fashion brands that focuses on incorporating technology. ANREALAGE has collaborated with ONTENNA, a stylish wearable device that allows you to feel sound with your body, to present accessories that are fashionable, functional and guarantee access to information. These include headpieces, earrings, and necklaces molded from thin, flexible fibers that allow light to pass through. They flicker in response to sound, “translating” auditory information into visual information.

    Project details

  • Fumiya Hamanoue x OTON GLASS x beta post

    In collaboration with OTON GLASS, glasses that vocalize text, beta post has designed a reversible coat with a blurry print inspired by the way the world is experienced by people with visual impairments. On the reverse, a map is printed on two layers of fabric. When the layers overlap, the image of the world rises up. Worn by Fumiya Hamanoue, a visually impaired free climber, this coat was designed with inputs from Fumiya. The result is a statement about how barriers between people and society can be overcome with consideration for others.

    Project details

  • GenGen x Live Jacket x KANSAI YAMAMOTO

    The Live Jacket designed by KANSAI YAMAMOTO is a visual representation of the experience of dancing to music and feeling vibrations. The jacket is made from a colorful textile collage of photographs of Shibuya, a dynamic and diverse city, and embellished with fringe and chains to represent vibrations and echoes. The textures are created by Hidehumi Kenmochi by combining natural and artificial sounds that are transformed into sound images that resonate throughout the body. It is worn by GenGen, a dancer with hearing loss, who lives for the beat.

    Project details

  • Masatane Muto (WITH ALS) x 01 x ALS SAVE VOICE PROJECT

    01 BORDERLESS WEAR is a wheelchair that supports the body to keep challenging itself while fighting ALS. The project is produced by Masatane Muto, who continues to communicate with his own voice even after losing his voice, using the device called ALS SAVE VOICE PROJECT, which combines Toshiba Corp’s koestation technology and the eye input technology developed by Ory Research Institute. In this project, while pursuing coolness, he is focusing on making clothes that are easy for caregivers to put on and remove. This time, he will present a new reversible jacket with a print designed by Makoto Azuma.

    Project details

  • Mari Azuma x Vintage Fashion x WHILL

    A collaboration between Mari Azuma, a model in her 70s who started her modeling career at the age of 17, and WHILL, an electric wheelchair maker. The vision of Mari coming down the runway elegantly in her high fashion outfit on a WHILL overturns the image of the wheelchair as a tool only for people with disabilities. It becomes a personal mobility device that can be used by anyone for commuting, just as you would a bicycle.

    Project details

  • TOMMY HILFIGER ADAPTIVE x GIMICO, Kenta Abe, Noriko Kurihara, Masunoshin

    Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive, a pioneer in adaptive fashion, makes clothes with adaptive functions and features such as magnetic buttons and Velcro closures for easy wearing. The collection is showcased on a model with a prosthetic leg, a YouTuber with Down syndrome, the mother of a child with disability, and a working adult with a prosthetic hand. Together, they represent a slice of the 15% of the world’s population who live with disabilities (not including the elderly), proving that adaptive fashion is definitely not a niche business.

    Project details

  • Kokone x Kotohayokozawa

    This collaboration showcases the craftsmanship of kotohayokozawa and the labor of love of Kokone’s mother who decorates her wheelchair on a daily basis. The outfit worn by Kokone features thoughtful touches to maximize her comfort. On the runway, Kokone is accompanied by her sister. The dialogue between the family and the fashion brand opens up invaluable possibilities in the realm of adaptive fashion.

    Project details

Yoichi Ochiai
Media Artist

  • Yoichi Ochiai, General Director

    Photo by Mika Ninagawa

Yoichi Ochiai is a media artist who received his Ph.D. in Applied Computer Science from the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information. He is an Associate Professor at the University of Tsukuba and Director of the Research and Development Center for Digital Nature. Ochiai is the Principal Investigator of JST CREST xDiversity Project.


Experience the creations

Selected items featured in the show will be available for purchase at our online store – stay tuned for updates!

Dates: May 30 (Sun) - June 13 (Sun), 2021
Venue: RAYARD MIYASHITA PARK North2F 20-10, Jingumae 6-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan

  • Yoichi Ochiai Live Jacket x KANSAI YAMAMOTO x Hidefumi Kenmochi

    Experience KANSAI YAMAMOTO's "Live Jacket" designed to enable its wearer to feel sound. The show features soundscape by musician/producer Hidefumi Kenmochi (Wednesday Campanella).


    TOMMY HILFIGER ADAPTIVE is a collection for adults and children with disabilities. It includes features that make putting on and taking off easier and which factor in the requirements of wheelchair users, and compatibility with prosthetic arms and legs. All of this is designed to be inconspicuous and simply part of each item of apparel. This is a lineup that’s hard to find in actual stores.

  • 01

    01 (zero one) is a fashion brand by Masatane Mutoh, a designer with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Aiming to create a BORDERLESS society where everyone can push boundaries in their own ways, 01 offers BORDERLESS WEAR, a stylish and comfortable collection that transcends the barriers of disabilities. For this project, 0 is releasing a new item in collaboration with a special flower artist, Makoto Azuma.

  • True Colors Gummi

    Not your regular gummies. In fact, True Colors Gummi is a pack of gummies that comes in irregular shapes and sizes, inspired by the experience of people who have color blindness. Only available in limited quantities in stores, so be sure to get yours!

Venue: 5-42-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Period: July 8 ~ July 13, 2021

The works of the five brands (ANREALAGE, beta post, MIKAGE SHIN, HATRA, YAMATO × KORI-SHOW PROJECT) showcased this time will be exhibited in-store.
During the exhibition period, anyone is welcome to visit the exhibition by appointment only.
Click here for details on how to make an appointment.


General Director Yoichi Ochiai
Performances and Participation Masatane Muto (WITH ALS)
Ory Yoshifuji (Ory Laboratories Inc.)

Kenta Abe
Noriko Kurihara
Kaname Murakami(WWD JAPAN)

Hirotada Ototake
Takayuki Yajima (Yamato Co., Ltd.)

Mari Azuma
Masahiro Toriyama(WHILL inc.)

Mino Tomooka
Daichi Sugimoto
Endo Ken (Xiborg)

Tatsuya Honda (Ontenna)
Kunihiko Morinaga(ANREALAGE)

Fumiya Hamanoue
Keisuke Shimakage (OTON GLASSES)
beta post

Live Jacket

Natsuko Kurasawa(Mission ARM Japan)
Akari Ishida(Mission ARM Japan)
Keisuke Nagami (HATRA)

Kokone Igarashi
Nene Igarashi
Junko Igarashi
Kotoha Yokozawa (kotohayokozawa)

Shin Mikage (MIKAGE SHIN)
Sound Kenmochi Hidefumi
Film Director bird and insect
Fashion Director Souta Yamaguchi
Hair and headpiece KUNIO KOHZAKI (W)
Hair and Make-up Yuko Aika (W)
Hair and Make-up (Ryuchell) Toshiko Arai
Fashion real condition Keita Tokunaga
Image Director shuntaro
Movie Director / Editor (fashion show) Shuma
Movie Directorn (interview) Tomonao Sakurayashiki
Cinematographer (fashion show) Daisuke Abe, Yusuke Hayashi, Ryusuke Honda, XIRAN ZHAO, Kan Di
Cinematographer (interview) Yusuke Hayashi, Kan Di, Taichi Nagaoka
Editor (interview) Kyo Kuboyama
Set Design Chika Kagaya (TASKO inc.)
Set Design Assistant Takeo Kitazawa , Azumi Kutsuwa (TASKO inc.)
Set Design Support Sayaka Yamauchi Sayuri Niiyama Mio Oomura Michiru Kadosaki Tomoaki Kamei
Sign Language Trnslator ERI NASU
Sign Language Supervisors HIDEAKI NASU
Sign Language Coordination TA-net
Japanese & English  Subtitles / Audio description / Sign Language Palabra
Photography / PR movie moron_non, Genki Sato
Photography Ryohei Tomita, Miyu Takaki
Production Manager Naoki Taichi, Naho Kato (TASKO inc.)
Production Assistant Manager Honoka Kira, Riho Onodera, Harumi Kato, Marei Kyotani
Graphic Design by SEESAW Inc.
WEB・PR image production Yousuke Oda (TASKO inc.)
ub audio recording Takahiro Yamamoto
Modelcasting CULTURAL LAB.
Accessibility Coordination THEATRE for ALL
Presented by The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS
With financial support from Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
ARTS COUNCIL TOKYOTokyo Tokyo Festival
Cooperation Kasugai SeikaCanon Marketing Japan Inc.Co-wardrobeWith, MUJI, Emohaus Inc.
Sponsorship from Aputure Imaging Industries Co. Ltd

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