True Colors FASHION

True Colors FASHION
The Future is Now!: Timetable


13:00 - 13:05


Message from Yoichi Ochiai

13:05 - 13:20

Fashion show


  • Masatane Muto (with ALS) x 01 x ALS SAVE VOICE PROJECT
  • TOMMY HILFIGER ADAPTIVE x GIMICO, Kenta Abe, Noriko Kurihara, Masunoshin.
  • Hirotada Ototake x OTOTAKE PROJECT x Yamato x KORI-SHOW PROJECT
  • Blade for All x Child Runners with Artificial Legs
  • Mari Azuma x Vintage Fashion x WHILL
  • GenGen × Live Jacket × KANSAI YAMAMOTO
  • Fumiya Hamanoue x OTON GLASS x beta post
  • Ryuchell x Pregnancy Belly Suit x MIKAGE SHIN
  • Kokone x Kotohayokozawa
  • Pippi x ANREALAGE x ontenna
  • Mission ARM Japan x HATRA

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An audio guide from a fashionista (Japanese audio only)

  • Kaname Murakami (WWD JAPAN)
  • Souta Yamaguchi (Fashion Director)
  • Keita Tokunaga (Wheelchair User Fashion Journalist)
  • Kao Kanamori (True Colors FASHION Producer)

UDCast icon You can listen to the audio description via UDCast! (Japanese audio only)

13:20 - 16:00



About that Missing Arm…

Natsuko Kurasawa, Akari Ishida (Mission ARM Japan) / Keisuke Nagami (HATRA)

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Backstage interview 1 casts

When Seeing and Feeling is Enough

Pippi / Tatsuya Honda (ontenna) / Kunihiko Morinaga (ANREALAGE)

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Backstage interview 2 casts

Breaking Boundaries: Gender-Neutral Fashion

Ryuchell / Shin Mikage (SHIN MIKAGE)

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Backstage interview 3 casts

Straight To The Source: Co-Designing For People With Disabilities

Keisuke Shimakage (OTON GLASS) / Fumiya Hamanoue (Para Climbing Japan Representative)

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Backstage interview 4 casts

Diverse Fashion Adds To Her Life’s Mosaic

Kotoha Yokozawa / Kokone, Nene and Jyunko Igarashi

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Backstage interview 5 casts

A World Where Everyone Can Run Free

Ken Endo (Xiborg) / Mino Tomooka, Daichi Sugimoto (Blade fo All user)

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Backstage interview 6 casts

Liberation Comes With the Right Clothes

TOMMY HILFIGER ADAPTIVE x GIMICO, Kenta Abe, Noriko Kurihara, Susumu Masuno / Kaname Murakami (Editor-in-Chief, WWD JAPAN)

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Backstage interview 7 casts

Beat It: A Case For Feeling Music

GenGen (hard of hearing/dancer) / Kenmochi Hidefumi / Kenta Takaya (KANSAI YAMAMOTO)

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Backstage interview 8 casts

The Ancient Kimono Steps into a Whole New World

Hirotada Ototake / Yakayuki Yamato ( Representative of YAMATO CO, LTD. ) /Souta Yamaguchi (KORI-SHOW PROJECT)

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Backstage interview 9 casts

Wheel Power: Going Places With Personal Mobility Devices

Mari Azuma x Masahiro Toriyama (WHILL Inc.)

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Backstage interview 10 casts

When is a Jacket not Just a Jacket?

Masatane Muto (with ALS) / Ory Yoshifuji (OryLaboratory)

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Backstage interview 11 casts

16:00 - 16:05


Uncut version

The uncut version of the program on May 31, 2021 can be viewed at the following website.

Wath the uncut version of the program on THEATRE for ALL

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  • Japanese Sign Language translation icon Japanese Sign Language translation
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Livestream on YouTube Premieres on May 30

  • The full-length programme will premiere on True Colors Festival YouTube Channel.
  • There may be delays in transmission due to operational factors, internet traffic or viewers’ internet connection.

Catch up episodes available on YouTube from June 7

  • The full-length video will be available on our YouTube channel until June 1, 2021.
  • From June 7, catch up episodes of the runway show and interviews will be available to watch on our YouTube channel.
  • The full-length video will be available on THEATRE for ALL, an online theater website.
  • Audio guide via UDCast will also be available.

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Audio Guide for people with visual impairment *Japanese audio only

This audio guide narrates subtitles, names of speakers, verbalizes music and sound effects, and describes scenes and the movements of people. Please access this with UDCast.
*UDCast is an application that allows you to enjoy subtitles and voice unfiltered information on your smartphone or other device.
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OkanWatch OkanWatch is an application that uses color and vibration to convey the rhythm and volume of sounds around you. The first 100 users will be able to try it out for a limited time only.

Application start date: Monday, May 24 (Japanese only)


Tsubu Gummy × True Colors FASHION Did you know that the human eye can physically perceive millions of colors, but we don't all recognize these colors in the same way? Experience this diversity in the human perception of color through gummies! Pick up these treats at any one of our partner stores below:

Distribution locations TOKiON the STORE
20-10, Jingumae 6-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

House @ Mikiri Hassin
5-42-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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Application period: 30 May - 30 June 2021
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1. Shop instantly TOKiON the STORE E-STORE

2. Shop in-store TOKiON the STORE
Sunday, May 30 - Sunday, June 13th
RAYARD MIYASHITA PARK North2F, 6-20-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
This special "Live Jacket" (Design: KANSAI YAMAMOTO / Music: KENMOCHI Hidefumi) will be on display and TOMMY HILFIGER ADAPTIVE and 01 BORDERLESS WEAR will be on sale.

House @ Mikiri Hassin
To be announced the date at a later.
5-42-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Various creations presented in the show will be exhibited here.

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