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Kokone x Kotohayokozawa

Kokone x Kotohayokozawa

This collaboration showcases the craftsmanship of kotohayokozawa and the labor of love of Kokone’s mother who decorates her wheelchair on a daily basis. The outfit worn by Kokone features thoughtful touches to maximize her comfort. On the runway, Kokone is accompanied by her sister. The dialogue between the family and the fashion brand opens up invaluable possibilities in the realm of adaptive fashion.

Backstage Interviews by Yoichi Ochiai

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Diverse Fashion Adds To Her Life’s Mosaic

Kotoha Yokozawa / Kokone, Nene and Jyunko Igarashi

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    Kotoha Yokozawa

    Kotoha is a designer born in 1991 in Nagoya. After graduating from the fashion department of a high school in Nagoya, she entered the ESMOD Tokyo School. Upon graduation, she worked as a designer at a major apparel company while attending the fashion design school coconogacco. Thereafter, in March 2015, she studied brand management at ESMOD AMI and started her brand, kotohayokozawa. In 2020, the brand won the 38th Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix (sponsored by Mainichi Shimbun and supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).


  • [MODEL]
    Kokone Igarashi

    Kokone was born on March 14, 2006. Born prematurely, she weighed only 2.5 pounds at birth. She has severe cerebral palsy and experiences epilepsy, leaving her physical abilities equivalent to those of a three month old child. At the age of two and a half, she went to a mother-child care center, and at the age of four, she entered a local private preschool. Later she entered a local special needs school for people with intellectual disabilities. She is currently enrolled in high school for people with physical disabilities. Her eyesight is weak, with a vision range of about 30-cm. She can’t speak but babbles to communicate. Her dream is to be a model who can wear everything from high fashion to vintage clothing.

  • Junko Igarashi

    Junko is passionate about cooking and holds classes and workshops at home. She’s also the mother of Kokone. After becoming pregnant with her first daughter, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and was cured after treatment. However, due to the treatment, while she was pregnant with her second daughter, Kokone, her water broke at 20 weeks. She was hospitalized for two months, and gave birth at 27 weeks. Kokone was born with severe cerebral palsy and suffers from epilepsy. Having no role model, Junko struggled to raise her child. In 2012, when Kokone was enroled into a support school, Junko started a patient community in Tsukuba University Hospital. Today, she is the representative of the community called Paediatric Patients’ Chatting Group.

    Junko Igarashi on Instagram

    Junko Igarashi's Blog

  • [MODEL]
    Nene Igarashi

    Nene, born in July 2004, is in her second year of high school. Her hobbies are classical ballet, which she has been doing for 10 years, and making lunchboxes every day. She loves K-pop and fashion, but she doesn’t have any pocket money, so she shares her clothes with her mother.

Can-Do Musos Festival 2021: When the music’s in you

By Sarina Sahari

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