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#7 "I had three limbs amputated from a train accident" Featuring YouTuber Chihiro Yamada

Shortly after starting his working career, Chihiro was involved in a train accident. He lost both legs and his right arm and despaired to the point of contemplating death. The words friends put to him made him more positive. Through his mother’s tears, he set out to achieve true “independence” with no help from anyone else. He accomplishes everything in his life, from getting ready to cooking, with his one arm. He share his thoughts with MC Hikaru Takahashi and navigator Akari Suda.

Guest: Chihiro Yamada

  1. In 2012, when Chihiro was 20 years old, he fell onto railroad tracks on his way home from work and was hit by a train, losing both legs and his right arm, which was his dominant arm.
    Despite the despair he felt at times, he set his sights on "independence," and rehabilitated himself to walk with a prosthetic leg at a speed that surprised everyone around him. As a result of his rehabilitation, at the age of 22, he was able to reintegrate into society and began living on his own.
    He currently works as an office worker and is active on social networking sites and YouTube. Last year, he published "Senro ha tsuzukuyo dokomademo" (Kosaido Publishing Co., Ltd.). He is also a prolific motivational speaker, giving talks at schools and businesses.


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Navigator: Akari Suda

  1. Suda joined SKE48 as a 3rd-term member in November 2009. Currently she is the leader of SKE48 Team E. In the Senbatsu election in 2016 and 2017 she was chosen as one of the “God Seven” for two consecutive years, and in 2018 she finally won the second place. She is also known as the “Queen of Handshake Event” because of her warm-hearted response for her fans at handshake events.
    She has also appeared on variety and tabloid TV shows with her natural ability to talk. She is also active in many other media as a core member of SKE48, including radio and serial newspaper articles.


MC: Hikaru Takahashi

  1. In 2014, Takahashi won the Grand Prix for the 14th Japan Bishojo Content which led to her debut and immediate success through staring in various corporate commercials. Since then, she has appeared in numerous acclaimed works such as NHK Taiga Drama Onna Joushu Naotora (2017). Other than working as an actor, Takahashi has been active in a variety of fields including radio, television, and fashion.

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