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#12 "Respect the stick outs" Featuring HERALBONY Co., Ltd. CEO. Matsuda Takaya

Matsuda has a four-year-old older brother who is autistic and severely mentally retarded. He and his brother had been great close since childhood, but in junior high school he hid his brother’s existence because of the discriminatory climate around him. On the other hand, he felt a strong sense of discomfort with the public label of “disabled people are unhappy.
As an adult, he started a start-up business commercializing artwork by the mentally disabled. What does the company name “HERALBONY” mean? When Mr. Matsuda turned 30, his mother told him, “Don’t be ashamed of your brother”. What did this wish mean? They will talk with MC Hikaru Takahashi and navigator JOY.

Guest: Matsuda Takaya

  1. HERALBONY Co., Ltd. CEO. Matsuda Takaya
    Matsuda founded his Company with his twin brother Fumito, using the company name "HERALBONY," a word that his autistic and severely mentally retarded four-year-old older brother Shota had written down in elementary school.He is taking on the challenge of updating the welfare field by developing a wide range of businesses, including copyright management of artworks by people with disabilities, production and sales of products based on these works, and licensing businesses for corporations and municipalities.

    HERALBONY Co., Ltd.

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Navigator: JOY

  1. JOY made his debut as a model in the magazine "men's egg" in 2003. He has worked extensively in variety shows as a TV personality and has hosted TV shows in his specialty, soccer. In his native Gunma Prefecture, he was appointed as a special envoy for tourism in Takasaki in 2017 and has been involved in local PR activities. In 2019 he married and their first child, a girl, was born the following year.


MC: Hikaru Takahashi

  1. In 2014, Takahashi won the Grand Prix for the 14th Japan Bishojo Content which led to her debut and immediate success through staring in various corporate commercials. Since then, she has appeared in numerous acclaimed works such as NHK Taiga Drama Onna Joushu Naotora (2017). Other than working as an actor, Takahashi has been active in a variety of fields including radio, television, and fashion.

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