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#15 "I'm glad to have stuttering" Featuring Rapper DARUMA

During his junior and senior high school years, his parents were unaware that DARUMA had a stuttering disorder, and he suffered alone without any understanding at school. When his favorite grandmother passed away, there were words he could not share with her. In the midst of such sadness, an encounter with “rap” encouraged him. He put the reality of stuttering and his hidden feelings into “OTOFUMI,” his first self-written work. What is the reason why he can now proudly say, “I’m a stutterer, no problem.”? He talks with MC Hikaru Takahashi and navigator Pakkun.


  1. DARUMA is a 22-year-old rapper from Aichi. He became aware of his stuttering when he was in junior high school and began rapping at the age of 16. The following year he competed in the high school rap championship and won the NHK Baribara at the age of 18. He made his acting debut at the age of 19 in the movie "Black School Rules" and appeared in the drama "Kiyoshiko" at the age of 20.


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Navigator: Pakkun

  1. Real name Patrick Harlan; born November 14, 1970 in Colorado. After graduating from Harvard University, he came to Japan and formed the comedy duo "Pakkun Makkun" with Makoto Yoshida in 1997. He currently appears on television news programs and tabloid TV show, and has been a part-time lecturer at the Tokyo Institute of Technology since 2012.

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MC: Hikaru Takahashi

  1. In 2014, Takahashi won the Grand Prix for the 14th Japan Bishojo Content which led to her debut and immediate success through staring in various corporate commercials. Since then, she has appeared in numerous acclaimed works such as NHK Taiga Drama Onna Joushu Naotora (2017). Other than working as an actor, Takahashi has been active in a variety of fields including radio, television, and fashion.

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