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Ryota Kaizo (Japan) – The Concert 2022

Ryota Kaizo  (Japan)

Ryota Kaizo

“While there were many performers who chose English songs, I sang Japanese songs throughout the competition…It's true that there is a language barrier, but it can be overcome through singing.”

(translated from Japanese: Source)

Ryota Kaizo represented Japan in the international Karaoke World Championships twice, once as a soloist and once in a duet with Reina Saito, and emerged champion both times in his category.

The versatile singer has appeared on numerous television broadcasts, such as music programs THE Karaoke Battle and Tonight, Birth! Music Champ, and has released numerous singles and albums, often taking an active role in the composing and writing of his songs.

Ryota won the New Artist Award at Japan’s equivalent of the Grammy’s, the Japan Record Awards, in 2019 and landed the top spot on the loosely-translated Japanese music chart, Cable J-Pop Inquiry Ranking, for his single, 愛のカタチ (Shape of love).


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