From April 2022, True Colors Festival hits the road on its latest adventure! True Colors CARAVAN will traverse seven cities around Japan in a bright yellow school bus!

Stay tuned as CARAVAN reaches your city, celebrating and sharing experiences of diversity, and revealing how amazing life can be when everyone’s included!


Date | 2022.04.21.[THU] 14:00-15:30
Place | Yebisu Garden Place Open Space
Guests | Hirotada Ototake/ ryuchell/ Hitomi Goto/ Principal Komori (Hayato Komori)/ Vice-Principal Pee (Pee)/ Shibuya Ryuuta (SUPER BEAVER)/ Hanae Monster (Mameshiba no Taigun)/ Nao of Nao (Mameshiba no Taigun)
Date | 2022.5.28[SAT] 11:00-18:00
Place | Asunal Kanayama, Asunal! Plaza
Guests | GOMA/ Kosuke Tsuji/ Principal Komori (Hayato Komori)/ Vice-Principal Pee (Pee) / JOY☆UP/ Nami/ TOMO/ masae./ Kuma POO/ Sena Hotta/ Sene Hotta/ [MC] Misaki Kuroe (FM AICHI)
Date | 2022.06.19[SUN.] 11:00-17:00
Place | Alice Garden
Guests | Koichi Omae/ Vice-Principal Pee/ Toyama Committee Member(Daisuke Toyama)/ Hina Kagei/ I4P/ TOMOE/ Ayame Matsumoto/ Megurincho (Listner/ Student)/ [MC] Shigeki Okubo (Hiroshima FM)
Date | 2022.07.17[SUN.] 12:00-17:00
Place | Sapporo Kita Sanjo Plaza [AKAPLA]
Guests | Hiroaki Tagawa/ Vice-Principal Pee/ Toyama Committee Member(Daisuke Toyama)/ Suzu Yamanouchi/ SE-YA/ yu-ta/ TapkaR/ grow↑/ [MC] Yu Morimoto (FM HOKKAIDO)
Date | 2022.08.14[SUN] 14:00-19:00
Place | Grand Front Osaka, Umehita Plaza Main Space
Guests | The Otoasobi Project/ Principal Komori (Hayato Komori)/ Vice-Principal Pee (Pee) / Kobara Vlas/ SO-MA from Child Dancer/ YASU/ Mikuri/ Karen Miyazaki/ Hinata Sakamoto (FIPSTA)/ Koharu (FIPSTA)/ [MC] Yumi Akamatsu (FM OSAKA)
Date | 2022.09.11[SUN] 12:00-17:00
Place | THE OUTLETS KITAKYUSHU Activation field
Guests | GOMESS/ Vice-Principal Pee (Pee)/ Toyama Committee Member(Daisuke Toyama)/ Yoshiaki /Ima☆Taka (Takako Imamura) / Ima☆Taka Dance Family/ [MC] Nozomi Aichi (FM FUKUOKA)
Date | 2022.10.23[SUN] 11:30-15:00
Place | Beppu City Hall courtyard "Shimin Hiroba"
Guests | Hirotada Ototake/ Yasuhiro Nagano (Mayor of Beppu)/ Takeju Ogata (The Nippon Foundation President)/ Yusuke Anazawa/ Vice-Principal Pee (Pee)/ Toyama Committee Member(Daisuke Toyama)/ Taichi Mukai/ Let's Dance de Guts genki no kai/ Mysterious Crape Soldier (Listner/ Student)/ [MC] Yukiko Aragane (FM OITA)

CARAVAN Performers

  • Image of CARAVAN Performers

A special troupe will accompany True Colors CARAVAN – the CARAVAN performers. Led by DAIKI, Japan’s first Krump dancer with dwarfism, the troupe features Kenta Kambara, a wheelchair dancer and aerial performer who performed at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games; Kanoken, a street dancer with a hearing impairment; Eri, a ballet dancer; Yusei Tekoe, a freestyle dancer; HARUKI, a human beatboxer living with mosaic Down syndrome; and Keita Tokunaga, wheelchair DJ and fashion journalist. Expect different performances in each city as the troupe’s acts grow and evolve with local guest performers.

  • Image of SOCIAL LOCKS!

Since December 2021, SCHOOL of LOCK!, Tokyo FM’s radio show, has commenced SOCIAL LOCKS! – a new segment in collaboration with True Colors Festival.


Organizer The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS
Supported By The Nippon Foundation
Planning & Production WR inc.
Main Sponsor Tokyu Group, Tik Tok
Participating Sponsors Facebook, Twitter Japan INC., Yahoo Japan Corporation
Broadcasted By Tokyo FM Broadcasting Co., Ltd
With special support from Japan Disability Forum

Planning Produce

Creative Director & Planner Hiroki Morishita(WR)
Event Director Hiroki Matsumoto (WR)
Accessibility Director Hiroki Nishimoto (WR)
Project Manager Aki Yamaoda (WR)
Assistant Tomoko Tanimoto (WR)

Creative Produce

Creative Director Hiroki Morishita (WR)
Copywriter Hiroshi Ando
Art Director Chie Kakinuma
Photographer ABIKO Sachie
Movie Director Hiroteru Matsuda
Movie Producer Takashi Shirayama (SINGALLERITY)
Movie Cameraman Shun Hanawa (SINGALLERITY), Kenichi Yamada
Movie Assistant Naoki Arima
Movie Music Masumi Muranaka
Illustrated Character Jin Kitamura
Costumes and Stylist Miki Nakamura
Hair and Make-up Junko Usami, Takeshi Tanimoto
Photographic Art Shinichiro Abe (ASILART)
Assistant Tomoko Tanimoto (WR)

Performance Produce

Direction & Choreography DAIKI, Makiko Izu
Music Masumi Muranaka
Costumes Miki Nakamura
Performers DAIKI, Kenta Kambara, Kanoken, Eri, Yusei Tekoe, HARUKI
DJ Keita Tokunaga

Event Produce

Production and Management Hiroki Matsumoto (WR), Katsuhide Hayakawa
Accessibility Director Hiroki Nishimoto (WR)
PR Kim So Yeon(uknit)
Publicity Rena Hirabaru (mazecoze Laboratory), Yamaoda Aki (WR)
Decorative Arts Ryouhei Murakami (studioBOWL)
Design & Set-up Syuuhei Watabe (Shimizu Octo, Inc.), Daiki Nishizaki (Shimizu Octo, Inc.), Takuya Okamoto (Shimizu Octo, Inc.)
Sounds Takanori Imai (AiDE), Yuko Sakurai (AiDE)
Lighting Motohiro Oi (LIGHT COSMO)
Imaging Equipment Hiroyasu Nagafuchi (Strawberry Media Arts)
Power Supply Keiji Kanda (First)
Equipment Takuma Higuchi (NISHIO RENT ALL)
Vehicles Sei Nakabayasgu (R.system), Soshi Tanaka (R.system)
Management Yuka Sogabe

Viewing Support

Audio Guide Yuka Funamoto, Kazumi Suwa
Japanese Subtitles NHK-Global Media Services, Inc.
Sign Language Interpreter Eri Nasu, Makoto Takei (Kokorooto)
Sign Language Interpreter Cooperation Aki Takizawa, Meishinren Information and Culture Center for the Deaf, Hiroshima Federation of the Deaf, Hokkaido Federation of the Deaf, Hokkaido Sing Laguage Interpreter Dispatch Center Ishikari, Osaka Deaf Center, Physical Disability Welfare Association Kitakyushu, Oita Hearing Impaired Association

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True Colors Festival

TCF is a long-running international festival of performing arts. We celebrate diversity and inclusion, and embrace the fact that we are One World, One Family. We choose the arts as our platform, for its power to move, inspire and heal.

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Presented by The Nippon Foundation, TCF brings diverse artists and audiences together through concerts, documentaries, music videos, film screenings, children's programs, musicals, workshops and other activities. Since 2006, festivals have been organized in Southeast Asia and Japan, with more than 1,200 artists from more than 30 countries connecting with a global audience in more than 80 countries.

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