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True Colors CARAVAN Opening Ceremony

True Colors CARAVAN in Tokyo

True Colors CARAVAN is TCF’s initiative to bring True Colors Festival to various cities in Japan via a performing arts festival with a troupe made up of individuals bearing different abilities, genders, ages, languages, and nationalities!

The program will feature the unveiling of the vividly-colored yellow school bus which will tour the country supported by special appearances from festival ambassadors such as Hirotada Ototake, Ryuchell and many more. Differently-abled performers will also grace the stage with their engaging performances.

True Colors CARAVAN Opening Ceremony

April 21, 2022


Yebisu Garden Place Open Space

Hirotada Ototake/ Ryuchell/ Hitomi Goto/ Principal Komori (Hayato Komori)/ Vice-Principal Pee (Pee)/ Ryuuta Shibuya(SUPER BEAVER)/ Hanae Monster and Nao of Nao (Mameshiba no Taigun)

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Hirotada Ototake

  1. Image of Hirotada Ototake

    Hirotada Ototake was born with a congenital limb disorder which left him wheelchair-bound from childhood. In college, Ototake penned the book “Gotai Fumanzoku” (“No One’s Perfect”), which has been translated into several languages such as English, Mandarin and Korean with over six million copies sold worldwide. Upon graduating from college, Ototake worked as a sports writer and an elementary school teacher. Today, he is the host of several TV news programs and is one of Japan’s leading voices on the issue of diversity.

    Tik Tok:@h_ototake46

Model, TV personality and Artist

  1. Image of Ryuchell

    Ryuchell is a TV personality and CEO of HIGA KIKAKU, a company which he founded with his spouse, Peco. Ryuchell gained popularity through his unique fashion sense and colorful character and has appeared on many variety shows with Peco. As a father, Ryuchell has appeared on news programs addressing issues of parenthood and Sustainable Development Goals. In 2020, he became the host for NHK’s “Kokokouza / Kateisogo” (“High School Television Lessons / Family Issues”). Ryuchell’s popular social media commentary on self-esteem and self-affirmation led to the publishing of his first book, "Konna Yononaka de Ikiteyukushikanaikara” (“We Have to Live in such a World”). Ryuchell regularly contributes to four different publications and magazines.

    Tik Tok:@ryuzi33world929

A 115-cm “small” actor and model
Hitomi Goto

  1. Image of Hitomi Goto

    Hitomi Goto is an actor, model and illustrator who stands at 115 cm tall and lives with Chondrodysplasia, or dwarfism. She is interested in fashion, drumming and cats! She is active in her work of designing flyers and booklets while also acting in film and TV dramas. In 2022, Hitomi gained popularity when she played the drums for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics’ closing ceremony. She was also featured in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic/Paralympic Games film, “MAKEKOZE ISLAND TOUR".

    Tik Tok:@chibita_115

CARAVAN Performers

  1. CARAVAN Performers

    A special troupe will accompany True Colors CARAVAN – the CARAVAN performers. Led by DAIKI, Japan’s first Krump dancer with dwarfism, the troupe features Kenta Kambara, a wheelchair dancer and aerial performer who performed at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games; Kanoken, a street dancer with a hearing impairment; Eri, a ballet dancer; Yusei Tekoe, a freestyle dancer; HARUKI, a human beatboxer living with mosaic Down syndrome; and Keita Tokunaga, wheelchair DJ and fashion journalist. Expect different performances in each city as the troupe’s acts grow and evolve with local guest performers.

Principal Komori (Hayato Komori)

  1. Image of Principal Komori (Hayato Komori)

    Komori took on the personality “Vice-Principal Komori” on the radio program, SCHOOL OF LOCK! in April 2020. Since October 2021, he goes by his new title, “Principal Komori”.
    Komori made his debut in November 2012 as one of the performers of GENERATIONS. Since then, he has appeared in films, live events and television programs such as Hirunandes on Nippon TV. From March 2022, he will be on a national tour, GENERATION LIVE TOUR 2022 “WONDER SQUARE”. Komori has been an enthusiastic listener of SCHOOL OF LOCK! since his teens and expresses a deep love for the long-running radio show.


Vice-Principal Pee (Pee)

  1. Image of Vice-principal Pee (Pee)

    Pee has been on SCHOOL OF LOCK! as “Vice-principal Pee” since October 2021.
    With her signature purple “mushroom” bowl cut, Pee is famous for donning loud outfits, usually in pink or purple. She played volleyball from elementary school and was selected to represent the Yamagata regional team during her middle school years. It was in the car rides after those volleyball practices that Pee started listening to SCHOOL OF LOCK!. In 2015, after graduating from university with a major in Physical Education, Pee relocated to Tokyo and found work at apparel store, W♡C, located in Harajuku’s famous Takeshita Street. There, Pee became a charismatic figure among teenagers and was often referred to as the “mother of Harajuku.” After becoming an artiste, Pee worked actively on various television programs including “#Jyudai”, a program covering the challenges teenagers face, where she served as the main MC. In 2016, Pee came out as being gay.

    Tik Tok:@pepepeey

Ryuuta Shibuya (SUPER BEAVER)

  1. Image of Ryuuta Shibuya (SUPER BEAVER)

    Ryuuta Shibuya is the vocalist of SUPER BEAVER, a four-piece rock band from Tokyo. Although they made their debut in 2009, they have been active in the indie music scene since 2011, performing over 100 live shows per year. They have performed at major music festivals and in 2018, played a solo concert at Nippon Budokan. On their 15th anniversary in 2020, the band announced that they were signing with a major label. Their songs have been featured in TV dramas and commercials and they wrote the main soundtrack for the movie, “Tokyo Revengers”. On February 23, 2022, the band released their full album, “Tokyo”. In October to December 2022, they will host their largest concert tour with more than eight performances in four Japanese cities. Shibuya is active as a solo artist under the name "Gyakutaro Shibuya". He is also a TV writer and radio host.

Hanae Monster and Nao of Nao from Mameshiba no Taigun

  • Image of Hanae Monster (Mameshiba no Taigun)

    Hanae Monster (Mameshiba no Taigun)

  • Nao of Nao (Mameshiba no Taigun)

    Nao of Nao (Mameshiba no Taigun)

Mameshiba no Taigun is a group that was born out of “MONSTER IDOL”, a segment on a popular variety television program on TBS network “Siuyobi no Downtown.” The 5-member group consists of Aika the Spy, Nao of Nao, Miyuki Angel, Hanae Monster and Kaede Phoenix – all represented by WACK agency. The group made history by performing at Tokyo Dome only four days after their debut. They were awarded the Rookie of the Year at the 62th Japanese Record Awards. In October 2021 they performed a special show entitled, “Mameshiba no Taigun no Shisso” which was produced by Kentaro Fujii featuring Kuro-chan (Yasuda Dai-Circus) at the Chiba Maihama Amphitheater. In December that year, they took part in their first double headliner tour titled, “Mameshiba 48” with the 48 Group and released a double single, “Kinou wa Modoranai / Koi no Furisuwingu”. They are active on YouTube, with more than 150,000 subscribers. On March 9, 2022, they released their first video collection, “DVD Mameshiba no Taigun Special Performance” on both Blu-ray & DVD.

Hanae’s Twitter:@HANAE_MAMESHiBA
Nao’s Twitter:@NAO_MAMESHiBA

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