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True Colors CARAVAN in Nagoya

Nagoya is the first stop of CARAVAN’s Japan tour!

Goma, an individual living with higher brain dysfunction, is an internationally-acclaimed didgeridoo player who has performed at festivals in Japan and abroad. He is our featured guest performer at the Nagoya pitstop.

Over at SOCIAL LOCKS! Open Classroom, Principal Komori (Hayato Komori) and Vice-principal Pee (Pee), the MCs from Tokyo FM’s popular radio show SCHOOL OF LOCK!, will host a discussion, “A New Society Where All Live as One While Maintaining Our Differences”. Be sure to catch it!

True Colors CARAVAN in Nagoya

May 28, 2022

12:00 Performance Stage
CARAVAN Performers/ JOY☆UP/ Nami/ Kuma POO/ Sena Hotta
12:30 SCHOOL OF LOCK! Open Classroom: SOCIAL LOCKS!
Principal Komori/ Vice-Principal Pee/ Akari Suda/ GOMA/ [MC] Misaki Kuroe
14:00 Guest Performance Stage
GOMA/ Kosuke Tsuji/ CARAVAN Performers
15:30 Performance Stage
CARAVAN Performers/ JOY☆UP/ Nami/ Kuma POO/ Sena Hotta


Asunal Kanayama, Asunal! Plaza

[Guests] GOMA/ Kosuke Tsuji/ Principal Komori (Hayato Komori)/ Vice-principal Pee (Pee) / JOY☆UP/ Nami/ TOMO/ masae./ Kuma POO/ Sena Hotta/ [MC] Misaki Kuroe

Free admission and participation

  • Attending with wheelchair

  • Request for aisle seat

  • Free audio guide from your smart phone

  • Japanese Sign Language translation

  • Japanese subtitles

  • Writing boards

  • Attending with assistance dog

  • Multi-purpose toilet

  • Nursing room

  • Floor seats in front of the stage

  • Care staff

Performances &
Guest Performance Stage

12:00/ 14:00 [with GUEST]/ 15:30

Artists, each with distinctive talents, will stage an engaging performance featuring various genres of dance and music, and discussions. Additionally, there will be collaborations between local performers from each city, making each show special and unique. Be sure to catch CARAVAN in your city!

Guest Artist
Goma of GOMA & The Jungle Rhythm Section

  1. image of Guest Artist GOMA

    Goma is a painter who also plays the didgeridoo, a wind instrument created by the indigenous Australian aboriginal community. In 2009, Goma was involved in a near-fatal car accident resulting in traumatic cerebral damage. Two days after waking up from a coma, Goma felt a compulsion to paint and began working on a series of striking dot paintings. In 2011, Goma revisited his passion for music, overcoming the challenges brought on by his car accident. A movie featuring his comeback titled, “Flashback Memories 3D”, won the audience prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2012.


Guest Artist
Kosuke Tsuji of GOMA & The Jungle Rhythm Section

  1. image of Kosuke Tsuji

    Besides working on solo projects, Tsuji is a member of the band GOMA & The Jungle Rhythm Section. He also works with a variety of artists such as GONTITI and photographer Tadayuki Naito across different genres.

CARAVAN Performers

  • image of CARAVAN Performers

A special troupe will accompany True Colors CARAVAN – the CARAVAN performers. Led by DAIKI, Japan’s first Krump dancer with dwarfism, the troupe features Kenta Kambara, a wheelchair dancer and aerial performer who performed at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games; Kanoken, a street dancer with a hearing impairment; Eri, a ballet dancer; Yusei Tekoe, a freestyle dancer; HARUKI, a human beatboxer living with mosaic Down syndrome; and Keita Tokunaga, wheelchair DJ and fashion journalist. Expect different performances in each city as the troupe’s acts grow and evolve with local guest performers.

Performers Bio


  1. JOY☆UP

    JOY☆UP" started as "JOY☆UP Dance Circle" in 2013 in a rented dance studio in Aichi Prefecture, and members who love to dance gather from various areas.
    We value "joy of expression" and our members dance as they are.
    We dance at practice sessions, community and facility events, dance recitals, etc., and enjoy "dancing" not only with other members but also with the people around us.


  1. Nami

    Nami is a music therapist who visits various facilities to perform music, as well as a dancer, performer, instructor, and choreographer.
    She has won dance contests and led her high school dance team to national competitions as a coach.
    She is a lifelong learning instructor in her community, she does visiting dance instruction to preschools and schools, and she started a dance circle called "JOY☆UP" which is led by people with disabilities. She is sharing the joy of dance in a wide range of fields.

Kuma POO

  1. Kuma POO

    Kuma POO started dancing in high school, learning HIP HOP dance and JAZZ dance, and after two months in the U.S., he won several contests in Japan and other achievements on the streets. He is an active street dancer who is currently performing at ZEPP NAGOYA and many other major stages. He has been involved with high school dance clubs for many years and is the official school dance club instructor for middle and high schools throughout Aichi Prefecture. He has performed in a wide range of fields from street dance to school education, such as the "Dance in DOME" organized by the Aichi Prefecture High School Dance Festival, where he provided comprehensive instruction and choreography for a joint production by 500 dance club members from Aichi Prefecture.

Sena Hotta

  1. Aerial performer / Dancer / Contortion performer
    Sena was a dancer at a theme park for 3 years after retiring from rhythmic gymnastics competition. She studied aerial arts after her time as a theme park dancer. She moved to Tokyo and now freelances as an aerial performer, dancer, and contortionist. While she excels at supple and beautiful expression, she is also versatile, ranging from bright and happy airs to powerful movements that make use of her acrobatic skills. In recent years, in addition to her physical expression, she has broadened her range and challenged herself as a creator, including MC, singing, acting, directing, and choreographing.

Open Classroom: SOCIAL LOCKS!


At True Colors CARAVAN, our popular radio show, SOCIAL LOCKS! will host an open classroom with the theme “A New Society Where All Live as One While Maintaining Our Differences”. These “differences” often go unnoticed until we start listening more to each other. For example, the person beside us might be battling a challenge that we are unaware about. When we start listening to such individual voices, we can then begin to imagine how a new society would be like – a new community where we live as one, while respecting our differences.

Principal Komori (Hayato Komori)

  1. image of Principal Komori (Hayato Komori)

    Komori took on the personality “Vice-Principal Komori” on the radio program, SCHOOL OF LOCK! in April 2020. Since October 2021, he goes by his new title, “Principal Komori”.
    Komori made his debut in November 2012 as one of the performers of GENERATIONS. Since then, he has appeared in films, live events and television programs such as Hirunandes on Nippon TV. From March 2022, he will be on a national tour, GENERATION LIVE TOUR 2022 “WONDER SQUARE”. Komori has been an enthusiastic listener of SCHOOL OF LOCK! since his teens and expresses a deep love for the long-running radio show.


Vice-Principal Pee (Pee)

  1. image of Vice-Principal Pee (Pee)

    Pee has been on SCHOOL OF LOCK! as “Vice-principal Pee” since October 2021.
    With her signature purple “mushroom” bowl cut, Pee is famous for donning loud outfits, usually in pink or purple. She played volleyball from elementary school and was selected to represent the Yamagata regional team during her middle school years. It was in the car rides after those volleyball practices that Pee started listening to SCHOOL OF LOCK!. In 2015, after graduating from university with a major in Physical Education, Pee relocated to Tokyo and found work at apparel store, W♡C, located in Harajuku’s famous Takeshita Street. There, Pee became a charismatic figure among teenagers and was often referred to as the “mother of Harajuku.” After becoming an artiste, Pee worked actively on various television programs including “#Jyudai”, a program covering the challenges teenagers face, where she served as the main MC. In 2016, Pee came out as being gay.

    Tik Tok:@pepepeey

Akari Suda (SKE48)

  1. Akari Suda (SKE48)

    Suda joined SKE48 as a 3rd-term member in November 2009. Currently she is the leader of SKE48 Team E. In the Senbatsu election in 2016 and 2017 she was chosen as one of the “God Seven” for two consecutive years, and in 2018 she finally won the second place. She is also known as the “Queen of Handshake Event” because of her warm-hearted response for her fans at handshake events.
    She has also appeared on variety and tabloid TV shows with her natural ability to talk. She is also active in many other media as a core member of SKE48, including radio and serial newspaper articles.

[MC] Misaki Kuroe

  1. Kuroe was born in 1990 in Anjo, Aichi, Japan. She is an upcoming generation of radio personality with a clean voice and a soft, natural persona. She has been active as a radio DJ, a dream of hers since childhood, on FM Aichi's "FRIDAY MAGIC" and other radio programs. She enjoys trying out breakfast at different cafes, backpacking trips, and DJing with turntables.


The history of True Colors Festival will be showcased via a panel exhibit accompanied with links to interactive videos for your exploration.


  • Map of the venue

  1. Asunal Kanayama, Asunal! Plaza Logo

    Asunal Kanayama, Asunal! Plaza
    1-17-1 Kanayama, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi
    1 minute walk from Kanayama Sogo Station North Exit

Notes from the Organizers

1. The organizers, venue, and performers are not responsible for any accidents or act of theft that may take place in and outside of the venue.
2. On the day of the event, the organizers may implement various restrictions and rules as preventive measures against accidents or confusion in the venue. We ask everyone to follow these rules when participating.
3. Participants are not allowed to camp at the venue from the evening before or following morning to secure a viewing spot for the event. Additionally, securing one’s viewing spot with items like bags, picnic mats, etc, is not permitted in all areas of Asnal Kanayama. If such items are found, they will be removed from the premises by security staff. (The use of picnic mats are not permitted at any point of time during the event itself.)
4. The organizers, venue, and performers are not responsible for items that are removed or left behind.
5. There will be staff on duty at the venue to provide guidance to patrons.
6. The event will be conducted under various measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 such as: mandatory mask-wearing, social distancing among participants, and the sanitization of hands and belongings. We ask that all participants comply with these standards set forth by the organizer and venue.
7. Failure to comply with the above may result in the cancellation of the event or denial of entry.

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