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The members of CARAVAN Performers

  • Image of Daiki: Japan’s first Krump dancer with dwarfism

    Japan’s first Krump dancer with dwarfism
    DAIKI (Group leader, direction & choreography)

    DAIKI (born 1994, Kanagawa) is Japan’s first Krump dancer with dwarfism and served as the second term director for SOCIAL WORKEEERZ. He discovered Krump at the age of 14 and since then has been active in dance battles and stage performances. He is the winner of the Para Street Dance Asia Tournament and has appeared on numerous television programs and commercials. He is a certified teacher in health and physical education and continues to promote the possibilities of expression through the body.


  • Image of Eri: Ballet Dancer

    Ballet Dancer

    Eri (born 1992, Tokyo) started dancing at the age of 6 at Etude Ballet Academy under Yuri Koreto. She won numerous awards and later moved abroad to the United States and Germany where she studied ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance. In 2014, she formed New Style Hustle with Zabu. She has appeared in numerous music videos by artists including Arashi and Yosui Inoue.


  • Image of Haruki: Human beatboxer living with mosaic Down syndrome

    Human beatboxer living with mosaic Down syndrome

    HARUKI (born 2001, Tokyo) is a human beatboxer and member of Power in da Performance. Soon after he was born, he was diagnosed with mosaic Down syndrome. He started to beatbox on his own at the age of 13. Currently, he is pursuing his dream to make a living from music while working at a welfare office.

  • Image of Kanoken: Deaf Street Dancer

    Deaf Street Dancer

    Kanoken (born 1995, Akita) is a street dancer living with congenital sensorineural deafness. While struggling to find his own identity within the deaf community, Kanoken believes in being his “true self” and continues to be active in a wide range of practices such as dance, musicals, and film. He works as an accompanist for Japan’s first social circus company SLOW CIRCUS PROJECT and has appeared in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, and NHK Kohaku 2021.


  • Image of Keita Tokunaga: Wheelchair DJ & fashion journalist

    Wheelchair DJ & fashion journalist
    Keita Tokunaga

    Keita Tokunaga (born 1987, Ehime) is a wheelchair DJ and fashion journalist living with congenital cerebral palsy. After studying fashion design, he took part in various fashion-related events. In 2017, he became an independent journalist focusing on diversity in fashion and continues to be active as a DJ and model. He was featured in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games as the opening ceremony DJ.


  • Image of Kenta Kambara: Wheelchair Dancer / Aerial Performer

    Wheelchair dancer & aerial performer
    Kenta Kambara

    Kenta Kambara (born 1986, Kanagawa) is a wheelchair dancer and circus performer who lives with congenital spina bifida. He is known for moves that fully utilize his upper body, such as handstands on the wheelchair. Kambara has appeared in Kagome TV commercial, Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, and the Matsuken Samba II performance during NHK Kohaku 2021.


  • image of Yusei Tekoe: Freestyle Dancer

    Freestyle Dancer
    Yusei Tekoe

    Yusei Tekoe (born 1998, Mie) is a freestyle dancer born of Nigerian and Japanese parents. His first language is Japanese. After graduating from high school, he took dancing more seriously and began to explore various styles. He has worked with SEKAI NO OWARI and K-pop idol, MAMAMOO. He works as a backup dancer, illusion show assistant and has appeared in numerous television commercials.


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