True Colors MUSICAL

True Colors MUSICAL “HONK! by Phamaly”

A musical for new perspectives

Phamaly advances the social narrative of disability to effect greater inclusion, participation, and respect for people with disabilities in all facets of society through their innovative production in the United States. They will work with two artists with disabilities from Japan to collaborate on a new musical that will be produced and premiered in the U.S., followed by a performance in Japan.

True Colors MUSICAL “HONK! by Phamaly”

Saturday & Sunday, February 15 & 16, 2020

TIME: Open 1:30 p.m. / Start: 2:00 p.m.(for both days)

TOKYO TATEMONO Brillia HALL (Toshima Arts and Culture Theatre)

Language: English (with subtitles in Japanese )
Performance duration: 135 minutes (including a 15-minute intermission)
Area reserved seat

Admission charged
  • English with subtitles in Japanese

  • English and easy Japanese subtitles (Rental tablet)

  • Designated Viewing Area

  • Attending with wheelchair

  • Rental of hearing aid

  • Rental of audio guide

  • Up to one caregiver free admission

  • Touch tour & Pre-Performance Explanation

  • Multipurpose toilets

  • Nursing room


Honk! the musical is based on the Hans Christian Andersen story of The Ugly Duckling. Honk! follows the story of Ugly, a unique kind of fowl, as he strays from his home on the farm. He meets an interesting array of new friends, avoids the threat of a hungry Cat, and discovers that being different isn’t bad, it’s just…different.

HONK! Artwork

Post-Performance Talk

Date: Saturday & Sunday, February 15-16
Time: After the performance
Featuring: Phamaly Director, Performers, and guests
*With Japanese sign language translator and Japanese closed captions

Touch Tour & Pre-Performance Explanation

Touch Tour

A guided tour where you can come on stage and touch props and objects that are part of the stage design. This will help the audience appreciate the scenography and trigger their imagination for the performance.

Date: Saturday & Sunday, February 15-16, 2020
Time: 12 PM

Pre-Performance Explanation

Prior to the performance we will explain the narrative in sign language and simple Japanese for the audience to have a better understanding and a more enjoyable experience of the piece.
Date: Saturday & Sunday, February 15-16, 2020
Time: 1 PM

Phamaly Theatre Company

Founded in 1989, Phamaly Theatre Company has maintained its dedication to the founding principle of inclusion while developing artistic craft, enhancing professional opportunities, and employing new methods of access through science and technology, all while stunning audiences with award-winning theatre. Through its innovative productions, Phamaly advances the social narrative of disability to effect greater inclusion, participation, and respect for people with disabilities in all facets of society.

  •  Artistic Director: Regan Linton Photo

    Artistic Director: Regan Linton

    Regan Linton is an actor, writer, director, and Artistic Director of Phamaly Theatre Company, a nonprofit theatre that re-imagines established works while exclusively casting actors with all nature of disabilities. Regan is the only wheelchair user to lead a major US theatre company, and has become a prominent voice for inclusion in the national theatre community.

  • Director: Stacey D’angelo Photo

    Director: Stacey D’angelo

    Stacey D’Angelo is the Director of Theatre at the Community College of Aurora (CCA), a playwright and a performer specializing in creating original theatre in an effort to build community and share powerful counter-narrative with a focus on inclusivity. She he has directed/devised over 40 productions and showcases for CCA over the last 12 years.


  • Adam Russell Johnson Photo

    Adam Russell Johnson (Ugly)

    Adam is honored and humbled to be a part of his ninth Phamaly production. Adam is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder. He studied voice with Jenna Bainbridge. Adam serves on the Boulder International Fringe Festival Board. “Thank you to my family and Phamaly for the love and support. Thank you to God.” Adam lives with Cerebral Palsy and is a disability rights advocate. ucp.org

  • ken Kanokozawa Photo

    ken Kanokozawa (Cat)

    Born in 1995. Ever since I was born, my ears cannot hear (I am deaf). I started dancing when I was moved by watching the artist dance on TV when I was young. Favorite shows k-pop dance, Kinky boots, High school musical, Chicago, etc. Learn street dance (mainly: HIPHOP, LOCKIN, WACKING) and contemporary dance as a student. I currently appear as a performer on a number of stages in Japan and overseas, and are also involved in production.

  • Samantha “Sam” Barrasso Photo

    Samantha “Sam” Barrasso (Voice of Cat)

    Being nicknamed Kitten by friends has finally paid off for Sam, who finds so much joy in not only being able to present PHAMALY’s mission to others in Colorado and Japan with the best people but also to portray the greatest animal ever. This will be her ninth show with Phamaly. Favorite roles include Caroline in A Bag of Sand at Applebees, and Rebecca Gibbs in Our Town. Sam also sings under the artist name Chyna Rose. She’d like to dedicate this show to the best kitties, Carlton and Max, and thanks all her loved ones for all their support. Sam lives with blindness caused by Colobomas.

  • Erin Schneider Photo

    Erin Schneider (Ida)

    Erin Schneider is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. HONK! is Erin’s fourth show with Phamaly. “Thank you, Phamaly, for doing everything you do and being everything you are. Thank you family and friends, your support means everything!”
    Erin lives with Multiple Sclerosis

  • Hiroko Higashino Photo

    Hiroko Higashino (Penny, Duckling Billy)

    Hiroko Higashino is from Kanagawa, Japan. At the age of 19, she began learning ballet, and has trained in jazz dance, Bollywood, and singing in Tokyo. Hiroko has appearing in various events and musicals, including BIG The Musical (Tokyo) and the True Colours Festival with the Asia Pacific Festival of Artists with Disabilities (Singapore). Currently, Hiroko is also participating in performances at SLOW LABEL, a non-profit multidisciplinary arts organization in Japan. Hiroko lives with malformation in her right hand.

  • Toby Yount Photo

    Toby Yount (Drake, Barnacles, Farmer Voice)

    Toby is very excited to be doing his 3rd show with Phamaly. He is thankful for the support from his family and his friends to pursue the arts. He is diagnosed with Autism.

  • Jacob Elledge Photo

    Jacob Elledge (Turkey, Bullfrog, Boy Voice)

    Jacob has been acting since high school and first came to Phamaly in 2016, making this his fourth year. Some of his past roles include Aaron in Chicago, E.J. Lofgren in Harvey, and Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. Outside of acting, Jacob works at the Autism Community Store in Aurora, providing many resources to individuals who live with Autism. Jacob would like to thank his friends and family for making him the man he is.

  • Kevin Pettit Photo

    Kevin Pettit (Greylag, Father Swan)

    Kevin was born and raised in the mountains near Boulder. He studied and taught physics at Carleton College and studied theology at the Iliff School of Theology. He is a Disability Inclusion Associate for the United Church of Christ (www.uccdm.org) and runs the interfaith not-for-profit organization called Faith4All. Kevin has sung and acted since childhood in school, at the Boulder’s Dinner Theater, and he has performed with Phamaly since 2005. He lives with consequences of a TBI.

  • Miranda Ireland Photo

    Miranda Ireland (Queenie, Duckling Beaky, Girl Voice)

    Miranda is so excited to be joining Phamaly for another oviparous show! Other Phamaly productions include Chicago (2019) and Into the Woods (2018). She holds a BFA in musical theatre and a BA in psychology. When she’s not on stage, you can find her pointing out every single dog she sees. A huge thank you to her friends and family for their incredible support. Miranda lives with monocularity.

  • Amber Marsh Photo

    Amber Marsh (Dot, Mother Swan, Grace, Maggie Pie)

    Amber Marsh is a 16-year veteran with Phamaly. She has performed in 30 productions with the company. Some of her favorite roles are Clairee from Steel Magnolias, Ladybug from James and the Giant Peach, Fruma Sarah from Fiddler on the Roof, and Jack’s Mother in Into the Woods. Amber is also a chorister and musician, songwriter at Cameron Church. She is part of a bluegrass band Over the Waterfall where she plays Celtic Harp, Glockenspiel, and an assortment of percussion instruments. She also enjoys painting on pianos and other musical instruments. Thank you to friends and family who have played supporting roles in my life.
    Disabilities: Autism, Anxiety, Depression

  • Shannon Sauer Photo

    Shannon Sauer (Lowbutt, Bewick, Duckling Downy)

    Shannon is so excited to be a part of this show. Shannon has performed in 14 shows with Phamaly. Her favorites include HONK!, Chicago, Into the Woods and James and the Giant Peach. “I would like to thank Stacey, Regan and the entire production team for this incredible opportunity. I would like to thank my husband Richard for all of his love and support.” Shannon lives with Fragile X Syndrome and anxiety.

  • Kathleen Traylor Photo

    Kathleen Traylor (Maureen, Old Woman Voice, Pinkfoot)

    Kathleen Traylor has appeared in many theatre productions in Denver, especially with Phamaly. Audiences have seen her in Phamaly’s productions of Chicago, Fiddler on the Roof, and Beauty and the Beast, to name just a few. Kathleen’s ability to entertain us has been recognized by the Drama Critics Circle Awards twice with nominations for Best Actress in a Musical for her roles in Side Show and Urinetown. A native of California, Kathleen now lives in Littleton, Colorado with her boyfriend and service dog. She is a double amputee due to Amniotic Band Syndrome.


Ugly Adam Johnson
Cat Ken Kanokozawa
Voice of Cat Sam Barrasso
Ida Erin Schneider
Duckling Billy
Hiroko Higashino
Farmer Voice
Toby Yount
Boy Voice
Jacob Elledge
Father Swan
Kevin Pettit
Duckling Beaky,
Girl Voice
Miranda Ireland
Mother Swan,
Maggie Pie
Amber Marsh
Duckling Downy
Shannon Sauer
Old Woman Voice,
Kathleen Traylor

Staff list

Artistic Director Regan Linton
Director Stacey D’angelo
Assistant Director Daniel Traylor
Stage Manager Darion Ramos
Assistant Stage Manager Richard Sauer
Choreographer Colleen Mylott
Musical Director Martha Yordy
Projection and Sound Designer El Armstrong
Lighting Designer Shannon McKinney
Costume Designer Rachel Finley
Scenic Designer Nicholas Renaud
Props Designer Erin Banta
Puppet Designer Cory Gilstrap
Planning / Coordination Kyoko Suzuki
Production Phamaly Theatre Company, NPO CUE-Art, Realize.co.,ltd.
Stage Manager Magozaemon
Lighting Mika Sakaki (I’s), Sakae Kanokozawa
Sound Tomomi Kishi (Freelance Office)
Script translation Mitsuki Fujio
Japanese subtitles Realize.co.,ltd., Beautiful Ones.co.,ltd.
Dubbing subtitles City Lights
Audio guide Kaori Saiki (Monogatari group ☆ Polan)


Presenter: The Nippon Foundation
Co-Oganizer The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS, Phamaly Theatre Company
Special Sponsor TOKYU GROUP, TikTok
Sponsored by Facebook, Twitter Japan Inc., Yahoo Japan Corporation, CINRA.NET, Time Out Tokyo, SHIBUYA QWS
Supported by Embassy of the United States of America, Toshima City, Japan Disability Forum
In cooperation with TA-net

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