Clips of the Mezamashi TV x True Colors Festival Special LIVE are now available!

Clips of “the Mezamashi TV x True Colors Festival Special LIVE” held in August are now available on YouTube!
Click here for event details.

Performance clips
Kohshi Kishita

Mandy Harvey

Viktoria Modesta

Interview clips
Luca from ILL-Abilities

Kohshi Kishita

Johnatha Bastos

Mandy Harvey

Alvin Law

Viktoria Modesta


HONK-ing across continents

By True Colors Festival Team

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True Colors Festival 2020/2021

True Colors Festival (TCF) presented by The Nippon Foundation is a series of performing arts events presented across geographies, in celebration of diversity and inclusion as “One World One Family.”

Through festivals since 2006 in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, and Japan, TCF has presented more than 1,100 performing artists from more than 30 countries and attracted more than 40,000 people.

The re-start of TCF 2020/2021 marks its commitment to tap on the power of the arts to connect artists and audiences in experiences such as music videos, film screenings, children’s programs, musicals, concerts, and workshops.

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