To find the "meaning of life.”

Musician / True Colors BEATS Event Director

Santiago Vazquez

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August 03, 2020

I do music because I want to find the “meaning of life.” In other words, to feel that I am undeniably here at this moment, sharing space with other people. With that, I realize that I am a part of the universe.

It doesn’t have to be music to feel this, it could be playing soccer, or cleaning the toilet. I think it’s very possible to feel that you’re a part of the universe through these activities. But for me, I’m compelled by the “sound” because it is their sole existence that makes them beautiful and meaningful.

When I improvise I’m thinking how I can make sure to capture the meaning of what’s happening “at the moment.” I don’t feel the need to create something new at all, because we’ve inherited everything that our predecessors created through their trial and error. On the other hand, what’s happening at the moment, the combinations and ensembles of that exact moment can never be recreated again. The factors of the moment, such as the place or the weather, are particular to each event and cannot be repeated.

Japanese people, not only the performers but also the audience, seems to be very positive about participating in the “conversation” that is taking place at the moment. I think that’s how performers can also be free. Every time I come to Japan, I think to myself “I see, so we can be so free.”

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