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Venue Map

Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage Map

Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage

Designated Viewing Area

This is an area reserved for people who may feel uncomfortable standing among the crowd to view the program such as: people using wheelchairs, people attending with assistance / guiding / hearing dogs, people who are physically limited, people who are visually and hearing impaired, elderly people, people who are not feeling well, and families with little children.

Information booth

  • Writing boards
  • On-site nurse

Nursing tent

You can use this for nursing and changing diapers here.

Picnic Area

This is an area with artificial turf where children can play. You can also eat and rest here.

Multipurpose toilets

Assisting staff

Pay Parking(Yoyogi Park)

A notice on viewing the program

A film and photography crew will be documenting this event.


Q. What time will the event start from?

A. The concert will be between 2pm to 6pm. You are free to leave and re-enter the venue as you wish. Additionally, at twelve-noon there will be a market that you can enjoy before the concert.

Q. Can I make reservations for seating?

A. We do not take reservation because the venue will be standing room only. We have prepared a “Designated Viewing Area” for people using wheelchairs, who are physically limited, who are hearing and visually impaired, who are attending with assistance dogs, who may feel anxious standing among a large group of people, and for families with small children.

Q. Can I reserve a space in the “Designated Viewing Area”?

A. You cannot make reservations. Please ask staff at the venue for assistance. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the True Colors Operating Office.

Q. I don’t have a disability certificate, can I still use the Designated Viewing Area?

A. Yes you can. Please ask one of the staff members at the venue and they will assist.

Q. Do I need tickets?

A. No, tickets are not required. Just show up at the venue on the day of the event!

Q. Can I come with my guiding / supporting / listening dog?

A. Yes, we will prepare an area where you can view together.

Q. Is there parking?

A. There is parking within Yoyogi Park, which also has wheelchair-friendly parking space.

Q. What will happen if it rains?

A. The event will take place even if it rains. However, in case of typhoon or extreme weather, we will announce changes in plan on the website or on our social media accounts.

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True Colors Festival

TCF is a long-running international festival of performing arts. We celebrate diversity and inclusion, and embrace the fact that we are One World, One Family. We choose the arts as our platform, for its power to move, inspire and heal.

As a festival, TCF brings people together to generate exchanges, innovation and creativity; and transform the way we relate to each other.

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Make the world a little warmer through my music

Composer, Pianist / True Colors JAZZ Event Director

Takashi Matsunaga


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