True Colors BEATS

Announcement for Cancelation of Event & Live Streaming.The details are as follows
True Colors BEATS ~Uncountable Beats Festival~

Various rhythms played by a diverse group of people.

There are many people living in Japan who have migrated from different countries. Various languages are spoken within these communities based on where they are originally from, and there is no common language for everyone.
For this event, people of different ages, nationalities, and abilities will make rhythmic music together through gestures and simple interactions spoken in Japanese, English and Spanish.

Announcement for Cancelation of Event & Live Streaming.The details are as follows
True Colors BEATS ~Uncountable Beats Festival~

Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage

Directed by Santiago Vazquez
Guest artists: ermhoi, xiangyu, Naomi Iwasaki, Otomo Yoshihide, Manami Kakudo, Yuji Katsui, KOM_I, Kumiko Takara, Yasuhiro Yoshigaki, Juana Molina, Milo Moya
Guest band: YAKUSHIMA TREASURE, Monaural mini plug
Guest DJ: Yuichi Kishino

  • Designated Viewing Area

  • Non-verbal

  • Assisting staff

  • Writing boards

  • Wheelchair parking area

  • Baby stroller parking area

  • Multipurpose and Ostomate toilets

  • Nursing and diaper changing room

  • Pay Parking

Announcement for Cancelation of Event & Live Streaming.

We are very sorry to announce that True Colors BEATS planned on October 22 (Tuesday, Public Holiday) at Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage & Event Square will be canceled due to bad weather conditions caused by the typhoon.
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Time schedule of the day

12:00〜18:00 [Market]
14:20〜15:20 [DJ] “World Rhythm Travel” by Yuichi Kishino
16:10〜16:45 [LIVE] Monaural mini plug
16:45〜18:00 [LIVE] SANTIAGO VAZQUEZ + Guest Artists + Workshop Participants

Open call for workshop of the True Colors BEATS

Directed by

Santiago Vazquez Photo

Photo : 佐竹邦彦

Santiago Vazquez

Santiago Vazquez was born in 1972 in Buenos Aires. While being recognized as one of Argentina’s most acclaimed percussionist, he is also a composer, conductor, and a cultural event organizer. Vazquez developed the “Rhythm and Sign” method, which allow for multiple people to improvise together through simple hand signals. This April, he received an award from the City of Buenos Aires for his distinguished contribution to the field of culture.


Guest Artists

  • ermhoi Photo


    With roots both in Ireland and Japan, ermhoi is a versatile artists that is not bound to musical genres and styles. In 2015, she released her album Junior Refugee and has been actively producing music and providing vocals for fashion, theater, and TV commercials. She formed Black Boboi with Utena Kobayashi and Julia Shortreed and has started Millennium Parade – a new project with Daiki Tsuneta from King Gnu.


  • xiangyu Photo


    Xiangyu is a solo artist from Japan who has been playing live since September 2018. Her artist name originates from her real name. On October 26, 2018 she released her first digital single Poo Pad Pong Curry. She also has released a mysterious music video with music inspired by gqom. On May 22, she released her first EP, Hajimete no ○○ zukan.


  • Naomi Iwasaki Photo

    Naomi Iwasaki

    Iwasaki started playing bass when she joined the popular music club at her university. Since then she has supported various artists as a bassist in concerts and recording sessions. She is a member of bands such as: The Uranus, Controversial Spark, and Cousinly, which is a duo that plays her own written material.


  • Otomo Yoshihide Photo

    Otomo Yoshihide

    Otomo was born in 1959 in Yokohama, and grew up in Fukushima. He is known for his prolific musical work for film and TV, but his roots are in noise and improvised music. In 2012, he was awarded a prize from the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for his work promoting art in Fukushima after the earthquake disaster. In 2013, he won the Japan Record Award for his music for TV drama “Amachan.” He was Artistic Director of the Sapporo International Art Festival 2017, and recently he is making music for NHK’s historical TV drama “Idaten.”


  • Manami Kakudo Photo

    Manami Kakudo

    Born in Nagasaki, Japan, Kakudo is a musician and percussionist based in Tokyo. She uses her voice, various percussion instruments including the marimba, and anything around that catches her attention to create music and mischief. She has released two solo albums and is active in playing for bands and songwriting for artists such as Cero, Tomoyo Harada, and Shun Ushiwaka.


  • Yuji Katsui Photo

    Yuji Katsui

    Katsui is one of Japan’s leading electric violinists. In 1996, he formed ROVO with Seiichi Yamamoto, which became a catalyst for the development of the Japanese outdoor festival scene. In 2009, he participated in GONG’s 40th anniversary album 2032 with Steve Hillage and in 2013 released ROVO and SYSTEM 7. In 2016, he released ROVO’s 20th anniversary album XI (eleven).


  • KOM_I (Wednesday Campanella) Photo

    KOM_I (Wednesday Campanella)

    KOM_I is an artist born in 1992 from Kanagawa, Japan. She is the vocalist for group Wednesday Campanella, which regularly tours and plays concerts internationally. Their performances that reflects upon the locality of each show has gained the group high praise. KOM_I likes ethnic music and techno and enjoys South Indian food and fruit flavored gum. She is also active as a model and an actor.


  • Kumiko Takara Photo

    Kumiko Takara

    After graduating from the Instrumental Department at Tokyo Art University, Takara started her career in brass bands, musicals, and studio recordings. She has participated in recordings and concerts of various genres with artists such as: Akira Sakata, Hitoshi Komuro, Otomo Yoshihide, and UA. She also works on music for film, NHK TV dramas, as well as working with Bungakuza Theater Company, and a theater piece directed by Koki Mitani. She has been participating in Konnyakuza Opera Theater since “Club Macbeth” in 2007.

  • Yasuhiro Yoshigaki Photo

    Yasuhiro Yoshigaki

    Yoshigaki is a genre-defying percussionist from Hyogo that blends beats and melodies. During the 90s, he was a member of numerous jazz and avant-pop groups such as Altered States, Modern Chokichokis, Shibusashirazu, Ground Zero, ROVO, and DCPRG. He leads various groups including percussion ensemble “Orquesta Nudge! Nudge!.” He also actively works on music for theater, contemporary dance, film, and TV dramas.

  • Juana Molina Photo

    Juana Molina

    Born in Argentina, Molina grew up in a musical environment in Buenos Aires. After becoming extremely successful as a comedian early in her career in Argentina, Molina returned to making music with her first album Rara in 1995 and became internationally recognized in the indie / electronic / folk scene through her following releases. Her album Tres Cosas was placed in the “Top Ten Records of 2004” by The New York Times.


  • Miloo Moya Photo

    Miloo Moya

    Moya is a human beatboxer and a member of Santiago Vazquez’s percussion band PAN. His musical style transcends the limits of hip hop and electronic music, taking influences from various sources such as traditional Argentinian folk music and cumbia. He is also the director of Orquesta de Beatbox where he is active in educating the next generation of beatboxers.


Guest Band

  • YAKUSHIMA TREASURE (Wednesday Campanella & Oorutaichi) Photo

    YAKUSHIMA TREASURE (Wednesday Campanella & Oorutaichi)

    Listening to the breathing of frogs, the rain that hits the trees, and the winds that blow on the shore. Singing with the local village ladies and collecting sounds with various methods. YAKUSHIMA TREASURE is a new project that presents songs that are made through these relationships with Yakushima. Songs such as “Yaku no Nichigetsubushi” take inspiration from the ancient Kikai Caldera volcanic eruption that destroyed and reshaped the nature of the island.


  • Monaural mini plug Photo

    Monaural mini plug

    Monaural mini plug is the only Japanese phin & khene prayuk band playing loud background music that is common at celebrations in Thailand. They visited popular phin player Tak Lam Phleon and other musician living around the Mekong River area to study the distinct groove. The band plays on a mobile 220V sound system that they imported from Thailand to recreate the authentic experience in Japan. In 2018, they released SAMURAI MEKONG ACTIVITY.



Guest DJ

  • Yuichi Kishino Photo

    Yuichi Kishino

    Born in Tokyo, 1963, Yuichi Kishino is a musician, DJ, and writer. He is also a lecturer at the Graduate School of Film and New Media of Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Bigakko. Kishino calls himself a “study-ist”, to encompass his various activities that deal with popular culture, moving images, and music performances. He is constantly creating innovative spaces through organizing DJ events in subway stations, public baths, convenience stores and traditional Bon-Odori festivals.


  • NPO Asobikko Network Photo

    NPO Asobikko Network

    Asobikko Network is a free picnic space filled with acorns where small children can play. We also provide baby mats and diaper changing spaces as well.

  • cross road Photo

    cross road

    Cross Road will host a kalimba-making workshop. Kalimba is an instrument with its roots in Africa. In the workshop participants can make a cute pendent-size kalimba that can hang from your neck or a hand-size kalimba that uses a gourd as its resonator.

  • CHATOY Photo


    CHATOY is family group that sells kids clothing and goods from around the world and organizes workshops for kids. For this occasion, they will host a slide-flute workshop, where you can make collages on the flute and learn to play while having fun.

  • Miraigengo Photo


    Miraigengo is an experimental communication project by member with diverse backgrounds. They provide a participatory event in which communication is attempted in a state where you cannot see, hear, or talk. At True Colors Festival they will create a game similar to this called “WORD BOMB.” These mysterious games will help us imagine what communication would be like in 100 years.

  • WiFamily Photo


    Wifamily provides Internet connection with Wifi and a smart speaker set. Their goal is to propose a new type of monitoring through keeping closer to the elderlies and trying to make their lives better. The Wifi device they provide includes a proprietary technology that senses the use of the smart speakers, which allow family members to monitor its usage from their smart phones. The aim is to have families with elderlies living alone purchase this product and tackle social issues of isolation through connecting elderlies through the Internet.

  • Chabu Dive Photo

    Chabu Dive

    Dive into diversity! Dive with a “chabudai” table on wheels! Chabu Dive is a social project that initiates communication while travelling through town on a round chabudai table (a symbol of gathering from the Showa era) with wheels attached. By diving into our ecosystem = society / city with a chabudai, we try to appreciate the diversity in the ecosystem and fundamental characteristics of humans that already exists, and trigger respect and mutual acceptance towards each other.


  • Chikyusukui Photo


    Scoop the spinning earth out of the water! It’s 300 yen for one time!” Everyone can scoop this earth. Why not take this opportunity to save the earth!

  • Caricature – Hiromichi Hori Photo

    Caricature – Hiromichi Hori

    Hori is an urushi (Japanese lacquer) manga artist born in Toyama, Japan. He specializes in both fields of urushi and manga. He is also the leader of “Kintsugi Club.” He has published numerous works such as: “Seishun Uruwashi! Urushi-bu”, “Mimikaki Shokunin Samuel”, “Heyaboshi Bettorikun” (Seirin Kogeisha), “Pan no Manga Vol.1~2” (Guideworks), “Ouchi de Dekiru Oraka Kintsugi”(Jitugyo no Nihonsha). He also has a regular series with “Akkusu” (Seirin Kogeisha), “Tarzan” (Magazine House), “Hitotoki” (Wedge).

  • Caricature - Maho Shimao Photo

    Caricature - Maho Shimao

    Manga artist / Illustrator Born in Tokyo

  • Caricature-Reikai – Nigaoeshi Minato Sakai Photo

    Caricature-Reikai – Nigaoeshi Minato Sakai

    Sakai is a suspicious character dressed in a crab-patterned shirt and wearing glasses shaped like a shine’s gate. He is also an unusual caricature artist who draws the customer’s face along with their guarding spirit behind them. Perhaps he is a new type of spiritual con man. He participates in various events and concerts to earn his living. Check for yourself if he really has spiritual vision. Some say that he is the same person as illustrator “Shigo-kun.”

  • Caricature – Yuka Goto Photo

    Caricature – Yuka Goto

    Goto is painter and manga artists born in 1978, Tokyo. She graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Musashino Art University. In 2001, She won Akkusu Manga New Artist Award / Minami Shinbo Award. She has published “Seigitai Vol.1~4”, “Tetsudo Gashu”, picture book “Collection-san” (with Hideo Furukawa) and has had many solo exhibitions.

  • Caricature – BZ Joint Photo

    Caricature – BZ Joint

    BZ Joint will make a one and only item in the world for you with just an Airbrush.

  • Gemarris Jewelry Photo

    Gemarris Jewelry

    Gemarris Jewelry provides products such as: Accessories made from one of the three major healing stones Larimar, which are only found in the Dominican Republic, handmade earrings, bracelets, woven sandals, embroidery bags made by artists living in Dominican Republic and Mexico.


  • ZAPOTECO Photo


    ZAPOTECO is a Latin American and ethic goods shop in Yamagata. They are a store full of colorful goods from Latin America, ethnic clothing, African instruments, Free Mason items, and other things from around the world that are just fun to look at. They also sell and take orders for original Macramé. They have worked on the artwork for Fuji TV series “Lupin no Musume.

  • Indoryohin Photo


    ndoryohin sells organic, heartfelt handmade products from India.

  • soiesoie marché Photo

    soiesoie marché

    Handcraft group soiesoie’s shop of handcraft goods selected from around the world. They will have items that are colorful and exciting that make you feel like when you visit markets on your travels abroad.



    “HAVE A NICE TIME STORE!” suggests a casual, easy-going daily fashion with the hats, reworked bags, secondhand clothin, and other fashion items they sell.

  • MUKU Photo


    With their motto: “Different worlds created from different perspectives”, MUKU makes products out of artist works with strong characteristics. By thoroughly branding creativity, they aim for proposing new values in society. They have participated in Roppingi Art Night 2016, an exhibition at The National Art Center Tokyo, and are active beyond the boundaries of welfare. Their products include pens, neckties, and umbrellas.

  • Fundoshibu Photo


    Fudoshi is “in” now. They are popular as underwear that is gentle on the genitals and not tight around the groin. Fundoshibu is a company that remakes a contemporary style fundoshi for men, women, and kids, and manufactures and sells fundoshi that fits each customer. They promote fundoshi around the world as underwear that keeps the body beautiful.

  • YASAI no CANVAS Photo


    From adding artificial sweeteners to simply adding vegetables. In a time when everything we eat has artificial additives, perhaps we have forgotten the natural flavor, sweetness, saltiness, and umami of vegetables and fruits. Taste the natural flavor of vegetables during your busy breakfast meal, a relaxing snack during a break, or when you want to care about your body, the environment, and the future. We sell vegetable spreads.

  • BOOK TRUCK Photo


    BOOK TRUCK is travelling bookstore that changes their selection based on the location they setup such as parks, stations, and outdoor festivals. They pack their blue-gray truck with over 500 copies of new releases, second-hand, foreign, and small press books and appear in various locations around Kanto area.

Food & Drink



    ANTCICADA is a restaurant known for their “cricket ramen” and “water bug jin” that you can taste the earth. For this occasion we will provide curry made with domestic bee larva. This is a new approach to Bee larva, which has been traditionally eaten in various locations around Japan typically cooked in Tsukudani-style. Imagine the richness of our earth, and enjoy these surprises. “Food is not a chore, it is an adventure.”

  • Traditional Tea {tabel} Photo

    Traditional Tea {tabel}

    {tabel} is traditional tea brand that emerged from encounters during traveling through Japan. We will deliver wonderful tea-time goods to your table. We are creating a shop with more than 350 herbs collected from around Japan. For this occasion we are selling galangal jin tonic, awakening cola, turmeric miso – which is great for hangovers.

  • bread beer Photo

    bread beer

    The beer that we are preparing this time is made from bread crusts called “bread.” It’s a bear that you can contribute to society the more you drink it. Help tackle the problem of food wasted by drinking this delicious bear with a hint of bread.

  • BEERful Photo


    BEERful makes beer with character that attends moments of beauty, and promots a gift economy. For this occasion we will provide craft beer “Maikahitome”, which is made from high-end strawberry brand Kirabika from Shizuoka blended with four types of Shizuoka roses.



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