Monthly Recommendations - October

By True Colors Festival Team

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October 14, 2022

Monthly Recommendations comes to the VOICE blog. Don’t miss our monthly curation of books, movies, music or podcasts to check out! Scroll down for our October selection!

A reality TV show about a couple with Down Syndrome navigating married life. A Zoom dance class for people with disabilities. The world’s only large-scale music ensemble featuring musicians of all abilities. Have a series or podcast to recommend? Leave a suggestion on our Instagram post and we might feature it in our next series of Monthly Recommendations!

1. Dance exercises for persons with disabilities

Looking for exercises that are specially catered to persons with disabilities? You’ll love Dance on Screen Club! The monthly group meets on Zoom every 4th Monday and offers free dance exercises for anyone with disabilities! Contact info@together2012.org.uk to join.

2. Ralph & Katie: Newlyweds with Down syndrome

Join Ralph and Katie as they navigate married life. A spin-off of the popular series, ‘The A Word’, catch the couple’s adventures on Wednesdays from October 5, 9pm, on BBC One.

Pic credits: the BBC

3. Paraorchestra: the world’s only large-scale music ensemble featuring musicians of all abilities
Photo of Rylan Gleave in a purple shirt and with eyeliner drawn at his eyes

In this five-minute interview, Ryan Gleave, Paraorchestra’s musician-in-residence, explains his motivations for joining the inclusive ensemble and the insights he has gleaned so far.

Pic credits: Paraorchestra and Friends

4. An education specialist discusses learning disabilties

As awareness about learning disabilities is raised among young parents, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder and dysgraphia are becoming better understood. This podcast by education specialist Kimberlynn Lavelle covers tips, insights and information for parents with children with learning disabilities.

5. Musician with autism gets selected for ABRSM mentorship scheme

Ben Lunn, founder of Disabled Artist Network and a musician with autism, has been selected for the ABRSM Writing for Music Education program. Ben will be mentored by leading musicians and will have a chance to impact future syllabuses of ABRSM. Get a taste of Ben’s compositions from his YouTube channel here!

6. New Overwatch release has a touch of ASL

In a trailer for its highly anticipated Overwatch 2, gaming giant Blizzard Entertainment features an in-game hero using American Sign Language to communicate with a Deaf child. This might have been the video game producer’s nod to diversity after a Deaf Overwatch fan came up with ASL signs for the game heroes.


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