“One World, One Family” – what does it actually mean?

By True Colors Festival Team

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May 13, 2022

It’s International Day of Families, so we asked members of the TCF family for their thoughts about “One World, One Family”, the message of True Colors Festival.


Darren O’Donnell
Director of the theatre production, All the Sex I’ve Ever Had

We are all in this together – all the humans, the animals, the viruses, the oxygen molecules, the sun, the earth, the electrons in your fingertip. Everything is made from the same things and the separation between it all is just an illusion.

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Nanako Yamaguchi
Creator of the animated cartoon series, Diversity On The Streets

…no matter where we are, we are who we are and we can always join hands. To me ‘one world’ means that all people on this earth are respected and that this will never change no matter what the circumstances. Rather than regarding the world as a single entity, I would rather say that although there are many different environments and places, the fact that a person is who they are is unchangeable. The word ‘family’ in ‘one family’ could mean a strong sense of unity on the one hand, but I think of it more of an attitude of deepening mutual understanding, acknowledging each other’s differences and distances, and helping each other in any situation.

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Hiroki Morishita
Creative Director of True Colors CARAVAN

In the process of building something, we will exchange opinions with various people and enter fights or arguments. I think this is just like how a family is. No family escapes a quarrel or fight. It is through this, however, that we reveal our authentic selves and get to know each other better. Only then can acceptance of the other begin. The performing arts have the potential to transcend each of our differences and to me, this is similar to being ‘family’.

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Kenta Kambara
Award-winning wheelchair dancer and circus performer

I believe that a ‘One World, One Family’ society is where people help those in need and those who are helped help others. As a wheelchair user, I also want to help people in need.

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Noriko Sasaki
Producer & Promoter

I think it means for every one of us to be willing to empathize with others, just like we empathize with people we love, such as our family. Regardless of who we are or where we come from, each of our situations is different from the other so it’s important to be open to listening and to have an attitude of compassion — to me, this is what the phrase stands for.

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Eri Nasu
Sign Language entertainer

There are billions of people in this world, and each of us has our own ways of thinking, unique bodies, our own languages, making each of us different. And all of us, with our differences, come together to form a community and make up a complex world. I believe that being different is what drives the evolution of our humanity. Whether in the arts, sciences, or linguistics, humanity brings all these ‘differences’ together to create a world where everyone needs everyone else.

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Kao Kanamori
Producer of True Colors FASHION

I believe it means that we can reach out to each other and transcend barriers such as race and disability. It means not being daunted by the idea that it’s a big world out there, and still wanting to talk to our neighbors, listen to them and enjoy discussions with them for the rest of our lives.

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Toru Aoki
Festival producer of True Colors Festival

‘One World One Family’ for me was an experience that I had at the first True Colors Festival in March 2018. I was at the Singapore National Stadium to watch the show just as a member of The Nippon Foundation delegation and not as someone involved in the event. As a foreigner, I did not know most of the people at the stadium. But while watching the concert I strongly felt that there was something in the deepest place of my heart that I was experiencing with all the people who realized this stage and the audience who warmly surrounded it. My journey with True Colors Festival started then and my motivation now is to make that moment happen for many, many people across the world.

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Nohoko Kodama
Japanese language translator

We must recognize and understand our differences. We should accept and respect all lives and not make distinctions.

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Mariko Mori
Festival Producer of True Colors Festival

Thinking of people living in different backgrounds and environments, from people far away, whom we cannot even imagine, to our neighbors. To think that one person’s life could be my life, and my life could be someone else’s. I believe that this imagination is what can be shared and experienced through the performing arts.

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