Meet the Family: Hiroki Morishita

By True Colors Festival Team

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May 12, 2022

Here at True Colors Festival, we are one big family of artists, creators and planners. In this edition, we speak to Hiroki Morishita, creative director of True Colors CARAVAN. He tells us how he arrived at the idea of creating this performance on wheels that he hopes will move audiences.

By True Colors Festival Team

Name: Hiroki Morishita

Accolades: Hailing from Osaka, Hiroki Morishita, CEO, WR Inc., oversaw the site operations of our inaugural 2021 circus performance with Slow Label, T∞KY∞ – Too Good to be a Bug, where 43 artists from Japan showcased their talents in various acrobatics, aerial and dance acts. Most recently, Hiroki has taken on the role of creative director of True Colors CARAVAN.

Q: CARAVAN is quite a major project that spans seven cities, including a media event in Tokyo. How were these cities selected?

CARAVAN is True Colors Festival’s first major initiative venturing out of Tokyo to tour many cities. We are hoping to be able to connect with different people in each city and to learn from them through this initiative. Those seven cities were selected as they have large populations and we are hoping to reach as many people as possible.

Q: The goal of CARAVAN is to get people around Japan to think about diversity and inclusion (D&I) through the arts. How do you think the arts can facilitate this?

The performing arts enable communication which transcends the barriers of language. It moves you, brings you laughter, empowers you to overcome all differences. The performing arts — it has that power.

Q: Which segment of CARAVAN are you most excited for audiences to experience?

I really desire for our audiences to learn how a group of individuals with different dance backgrounds and disabilities can come together to create a shared piece. What goes on behind the scenes of this created piece is something the audience cannot see. However, I hope that people would begin to feel that moment of unity through the shared experiences of the performances staged.

Q: There’s a tie-up with a radio program called “School of Lock!” for listeners between the ages of 10 and 20. How do you think that youths can lead the conversation where it comes to matters pertaining to D&I?

“School of Lock!” is a radio program that is shaped after a school-based theme. Youths take on the personality of students who brainstorm and exchange perspectives on a given topic of interest. I think this mode of ideation and dialogue is crucial when discussing issues like diversity and inclusion with our youths, who are the leaders of our future.

Q: Could you share the accessibility considerations for CARAVAN?

We believe that accessibility is not only for those who need them. It is our intention for audiences who are unfamiliar with sign language or audio guides to discover that they can also use these tools to enhance their experience of the tour.

Q: The message of the True Colors Festival is “One World One Family” – what do these words mean to you?

In the process of building something, we exchange opinions with various people and enter fights or arguments. I think this is just like how a family is. No family escapes a quarrel or fight. It is through this, however, that we reveal our authentic selves and get to know each other better. Only then can acceptance of the other begin. The performing arts have the potential to transcend each of our differences and to me, this is similar to being “family”.

This article has been edited and condensed.

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