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True Colors Film Festival 2021


How has your life changed? What has come to mean more to you, and what have you let go of? Perspectives honors these questions and their answers.

Perspectives, the theme of the True Colors Film Festival 2021, honors these shifting times and invites us to sit with our discomfort and re-examine our comforts. In these pandemic years, how has your life changed? What has come to mean the most to you, and what have you let go of? What memories were made? What will you tell the next generation about these past two years when life as we knew it was turned on its head?

This year’s program of features and shorts comprises human stories about perspectives. A chance encounter that changed lives, the concept of heaven, parents navigating the life journey of their autistic son, a film in which more than half of the cast and crew have disabilities, the first deafblind actor in a film, red dog-shaped balloons and more. These stories about inclusion, diversity, hope, empowerment and human connections marks a quiet revolution of voices changing the way we perceive our differences and our similarities.

The True Colors Film Festival 2021 runs from December 3 to 12, 2021. The launch on December 3 coincides with International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), a day to remember the world’s largest minority community — people with disabilities.

True Colors Film Festival 2021

December 3-12, 2021

  • All films come with English subtitles; Japanese subtitles available for selected films

Check out the full selection of films on the Projector Plus and Vimeo platforms indicated on the tabs above.

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Co-Producers Teo Swee Leng
Sarina Sahari
Executive Producer Audrey Perera
Production Team (Japan) Noriko Sasaki
Akiyo Uratani
Trailer Production Andre Chong
Digital Marketing Light Years Comm
Organizers True Colors Festival Teams, Tokyo & Singapore
Presenter The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS (DITA)
Partners  The Projector PlusOur Better World

We Care Film Fest

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To find the "meaning of life.”

Musician / True Colors BEATS Event Director

Santiago Vazquez

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True Colors Festival 2020/2021

True Colors Festival (TCF) presented by The Nippon Foundation is a series of performing arts events presented across geographies, in celebration of diversity and inclusion as “One World One Family.”

Through festivals since 2006 in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, and Japan, TCF has presented more than 1,100 performing artists from more than 30 countries and attracted more than 40,000 people.

The re-start of TCF 2020/2021 marks its commitment to tap on the power of the arts to connect artists and audiences in experiences such as music videos, film screenings, children’s programs, musicals, concerts, and workshops.

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