True Colors CIRCUS

True Colors CIRCUS: SLOW CIRCUS PROJECT “T∞KY∞ – Too Good to be a Bug”

Their differences unify them, their diverse abilities empower them. This jaw-dropping performance by Japan’s premier social circus company will defy gravity and expectations.

True Colors CIRCUS takes us deep into a future forest called “T∞KY∞”. The lives of the bugs that live within are interconnected, but each brings a unique perspective to the shared world they live in. Through acrobatics, aerial arts, dance and play, the inhabitants of T∞KY∞ represent a society in which lives of all abilities, age, gender and nationalities can thrive alongside each other.

True Colors CIRCUS: SLOW CIRCUS PROJECT “T∞KY∞ – Too Good to be a Bug”

Movie now available

  • Attending with wheelchair

  • Sign language translation available

  • Attending with assistance dog

  • Audio guide available by your smart phone

  • Japanese and English subtitles (Before and after the performance)

  • Multipurpose toilet

  • Writing boards

  • Assisting staff


  • "Too Good to be a Bug” with Japanese audio guide, English translation of Japanese audio guide

  • Trailer of "Too Good to be a Bug”

  • Interview with Yoshie Kris

  • Interview with Keisuke Kanai

Performance Detail

Performance Date 2021
April 25, 6:00 p.m.
April 26, 6:00 p.m.
Due to the state of emergency declaration by the Japan government, from April 25 to May 11, we regret to inform that this performance scheduled for April 25 and 26, 2021, has been canceled.
Ticket Fee Free
Seating Free seat
Rreservation Reservations are closed due to capacity.
Venue Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park GROBAL RING THEATRE
1-8-26 Nishiikebukuro,Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0021
Access JR Line, Tokyo Metro (Marunouchi Line, Yurakucho Line, Fukutoshin Line), Seibu Ikebukuro Line, Tobu Tojo Line 2 minutes on foot

*The content of the event may be changed depending on the spread of covid-19 infection and other factors. Details will be announced on the True Colors Festival official website.



SLOW LABEL’s concept of the “social circus” in Japan is born of a vision to address and solve social problems like poverty and disability. Through circus productions, it hopes to cultivate camaraderie, solidarity, problem-solving skills, self-esteem and communication skills among its participants. In collaboration with circus teams from around the world and with the support of Cirque du Soleil, SLOW CIRCUS PROJECT has been developing and sharing our social circus program all across Japan.


Together with local and international artists, SLOW LABEL identifies issues faced by minority communities and offers solutions and systems developed in collaboration with experts, local citizens, enterprises, and government bodies. Never afraid of change, even if it means to question its own ethos, SLOW LABEL aims to achieve a diverse and harmonious society by cultivating and celebrating “slowness.”



  • "AYAKA"
    Ayaka Suzuki

    Ken Kanokozawa

  • "Cozy"
    Hiroko Higashino

  • "TOCCHI"
    Toru Takahashi

    Natsumi Sadayuki

  • "HiROKO"
    Hiroko Hiyama

Circus performer

  • "KamiEri"
    Eri Kamimoto

  • "KAISHU"
    Kaishu Wada

  • "KAORI"
    Kaori Ogawa

  • "XIO"
    Shiori Yamamoto

  • "SHOGUN"
    Ryosuke Tokugawa

  • "POWER"
    Chikara Yoshinaka

  • Megumi Rika

  • "RIE"
    Rie Kondo

  • "INOTTY"
    Hirokazu Ino

  • "KEN"
    Ken Igarashi

  • "HISA"
    Hisayoshi Takashima

  • "NON"
    Nozomi Saito

  • Kenta Kambara

    Mari Miyake

  • "HAZUKI"
    Hazuki Kubota

  • "HIROKI"
    Hiroki Nakamura

  • Toru Enomoto

  • "DJ Yuta"
    Yuta Itani

Ensemble leaders


  • YU-Ri

  • NAGA


  • Ayumi Uyama


Daiki Ishikawa, Megumi Inoue, Sakiko Inose, Katsuhiko Shibata, Koto Shimizu, Mitsuko Takenouchi, Shoji Chiba, Naoko Fukazawa, Tadashi Honda, Miyuki Miura, Fusaki Yamamoto, Fusako Yamamoto, Kimie Wakabayashi, MiCHi

*Due to the covid-19 situation, Erin Ball’s visit from Canada and performance at the event has been cancelled.

Creative Team

  • Creative Producer
    Yoshie Kris

    Yoshie Kris is a Para creative producer and director who’s driven by her ethos “the extraordinary within the ordinary”. She develops projects that connect people and communities from diverse fields and cultures with the hope of creating new bonds. In 2010, having lost all lower limb function in her right leg due to osteosarcoma, she encountered the world of disability welfare services, and in the following year, established SLOW LABEL. She has served as the general director of the 2014 Yokohama Paratriennale; Stage Advisor for the 2016 Rio Paralympics and General Planning Team Creative Director for the 2020 Tokyo Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

  • Director
    Keisuke Kanai

    Keisuke Kanai, a circus artist and SLOW CIRCUS PROJECT director, started doing street performances when he was a junior high school student. As an overseas trainee of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, he was the first Japanese to go to the French National Circus School (CNAC). After graduating, he joined a two-year European circus tour directed by famed French choreographer, dancer, mime artist, and theatre director Philippe Decouflé. He went on to establish the French Contemporary Circus Company and perform in 35 countries around the world. He returned to Japan in 2009 and has served as SLOW LABEL’s Performing Director since 2014.

  • Assistant Director
    Yui Saito

    After graduating from Nihon University College of Art theater course, Yui Saito went on to learn about social design and childcare. She’s currently part of uni, a group that brings the theater out to society and creates site-specific or community-specific works. She is responsible for various designs surrounding creation in addition to being a performer. She contributes to uni while teaching at a nursery school modeled after the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education. At SLOW CIRCUS PROJECT, she is an accompanist to performers with disabilities and an assistant to Keisuke Kanai

  • Assistant Director
    Ayano Honda

    Ayano started to learn classic ballet at eight. Study at and graduate from Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in England. After graduated, work as freelance contemporary dancer based on England. Currently, work in Japan and Europe.She joined in the Yokohama Paratrienale 2014, SLOW MOVEMENT, and the Rio Paralympic Flag Handover Ceremony as an Accompanist.

  • Chief Accompanist
    Miki Goto

    Miki Goto has been an instructor and chief accompanist to performers with disabilities at SLOW LABEL since 2015. A dance therapist who has taken classical ballet lessons from an early age, she became a TV show host for Japanese kids programs in her twenties. In 2005, she learned dance therapy under the tutelage of Kyoko Hara and completed the JCDN Community Dance Facilitator Training Course in 2015. Currently, she conducts classes that aim to bring peace of mind that nurtures the body.

  • Access Coordinator
    Kaori Hirooka

    After obtaining a nursing license in 1996, Kaori Hirooka learned stage production at the Waseda University Engeki Kenkyu-kai. After getting married, she moved to Africa and turned her focus to raising her children. She returned to Japan in 2015 and assumed the position of access coordinator for SLOW LABEL, where she seeks to improve the working conditions of performers with disabilities. She also served as the Chief Access Coordinator for the Rio Paralympic Flag Handover Ceremony.

  • Access Coordinator
    Yumi Kaneda

    Through the experience of caring for her mother, Yumi Kaneda began to think seriously about living a happy life even with a disability. She started working as a stage art volunteer of the Shizuoka Community Dance Project and learned stage production from the Shizuoka Kodomo Musical Executive Committee. In 2017, she participated in the access coordinator training, which was held by SLOW LABEL in Shizuoka. After a battle with cancer in 2019, Kaneda made a shift to becoming a nurse in a rehabilitation day care.


  • Writing
    Takashi Masuyama

    Theater Company Kodomokyojin leader, playwright, director and actor Takashi Masuyama has written and directed most of the works presented by the theater company Kodomokyojin, which he currently heads. His diverse body of work spans genres; anything from plays to music festivals. What remains constant is his exploration of the sadness and humor in human existence—probably something to do with growing up afraid of ghosts and girls.

  • Choreography
    Shigehiro Ide

    Choreographer and dancer Shigehiro Ide leads the IDEVIAN Crew, a dance company that has performed internationally, showcasing distinct works that build upon everyday gestures and movements unique to the dancers. He has worked with Hideki Noda on NODA-MAP “‘Q’: A Night At The Kabuki” and with Koki Mitani on “Kodomo no Jijyo” and has choreographed for music videos by Ringo Shena and Gen Hoshino.

  • Costume Design
    Mitsushi Yanaihara

    After graduating from Kuwasawa Design School, Mitsushi Yanaihara became the director and custom designer for performing arts group Nibroll in 1997. From 2002 to 2010, he developed a women’s collection under the name “Nibroll about Street.” In 2004, he founded Studio Nibroll and in 2011, he established men’s fashion brand “Nibroll about Street”. He was on the jury for the 2012 Tokyo New Designers Grand Prix Professional Category and is a part time lecturer at Kuwasawa Design School.

  • Music Direction
    Kohske KAWASE

    In 2010, Kohske KAWASE served as a composer for a dance performance titled “LIVE BONE” in collaboration with Kaiji Moriyama and Kozue Hibino. In 2015 and 2019 he worked on the music for Kaiji Moriyama’s commissioned piece by the New National Theatre Tokyo titled “Circus” and “Ninja.” KAWASE’s music—accessible, but with depth—aims to stir emotions in its audience.

  • Hair and Headpiece
    Kazuki Fujiwara

    After graduating from BELeBEL Hair Fashion College, Kazuki Fujiwara moved to England in 2010. He worked at a hair salon and then assisted various hairstylists to style for photoshoots and fashion shows. Upon returning to Japan in 2013, he started producing headpieces. Currently, he is a hairstylist for editorials and campaigns, and also also produces head props and costumes. He is managed by Perle.

  • Hair and Makeup
    Momoko Ishihara

    With seven years of salon experience, Momoko Ishihara has worked as an assistant for numerous hair makeup artists. Upon moving to Tokyo, she started working as a freelance hair stylist and make-up artist for fashion ads, stage, still photography and video projects. Currently, she works at a hair salon while working on freelance projects involving hair designs for performers and artists. She is actively expanding her field of work.

  • Stage Decoration
    Yamauchi Kyumaru (Otogisha)

    Yamauchi Kyumaru’s company, Otogisha, produces stages and props that are inspired by the concept of creating folkloric spaces. Otogisha creations are bespoke and tailored to clients’ specifications, so every set is original and filled with props that are truly one of a kind.

  • Sign Language Interpeter

    Nagomi was established in 2019 with “Tachi no Kai”, a sign language interpreter group with 50 years’ experience. Their goal is to ensure that messages are conveyed to people with hearing difficulties and to create more awareness about sign language. Nagomi has collaborated with SLOW LABEL since 2017 and has become an invaluable partner in making their productions more accessible.


Stage Manager Koki Ura (Urak)
Sound Director Raku Nakahara (Luftzug)
Lighting Director Mika Sakaki (I’s)
Event Operation Hiroki Morishita (WR Inc.)

Production Team: SLOW LABEL

Production Manager Kozue Nomura
Producer Tamami Kanda
Ticket Manager Yuko Okumura
Information Accessibility Sawa Tsukahara
PR Ayako Tomokawa, Yuko Minami
Assistant PR Satoko Kameda
Information Accessibility Sawa Tsukahara
Assistant Production Manager Hiroko Higashino
Support Staff Keiko Tada, Miki Nozaki, Youhei Saito, Yusuke Ide
Creative Cooperation Odorunatsuko, Eriko Shindo (Theater company Kodomokyojin)


Organized by Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS, SLOW LABEL
Financially Sponsored by The Mitsubishi Foundation, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Arts Council
Sponsorship by Toshima wardt, Shibuya City Tourism Association, General Delegation of Quebec in Tokyo
Cooperated by Sun Chlorella Corporation, Nakagawa Chemical Inc., Sunchlorella Japan Corporation, Rappport Kamiôoka (Foundation for Yokohama Rehabilitation Services), Pinkie Balloon, Fujitsu Ontenna Project, add corp., Koizumi Steel, AXEREAL co.,LTD., BASEMENT, Future Design Shibuya
Project Partner Kingston Circus Arts


文化でつながる。未来とつながる。Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL


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