Transcript: Deafblind-friendly

Transcript Format

Each description (including Sound Description, Visual Description or both) captures a select segment of the music video.

  • Sound Description describes artists featured in each segment, their musical instruments and musical arrangement
    • Lyrics sang are underlined
    • Multiple sound descriptions that appear consecutively in a single segment will be denoted by alphabetical sub-points
  • Visual Description describes visual features of the artist, their background and their action(s) as much as possible.
    • Multiple visual descriptions that appear simultaneously in a single segment will be denoted by bullet points.
  • Type of description will be labelled at the front of each description in square brackets as either [Sound Description] and/or [Visual Description]
    • There might be sub-descriptions (mainly for visual description) within each segment, of which the accurate timestamp will be provided within
  • [Sound Description] will be separate from and come before [Visual Description] to facilitate better flow and comprehension. This also allows readers to skip past [Visual Description] section if they choose to.
    • Exception: Visual Descriptions will be combined with Sound Descriptions only if it is brief and provides a better comprehension flow than having them separated. It will be denoted as [Sound + Visual Description].
  • Each description of a segment of the music video reads in a chronological fashion.
  • Each description will introduce artists’ full name (in bold) the first time they are mentioned and only list their first names in subsequent features.

"You Gotta Be" Transcript (Blind/Deafblind/Deaf)

[0:00 – 0:10]

[Visual Description]

A montage of 5 video screens shows musicians (clockwise from largest screen):

  • Picking an ukulele from a wall of hanging ukuleles (Mandy Harvey).
  • Sitting at a piano (Kyle Kihira).
  • Tuning an electric guitar, laid on the ground, with his feet (Johnatha Bastos).
  • Picking an acoustic guitar off a stand (Enos Araujo Barbosa).
  • Walking up to a drum set (Alvin Law).

[0:10 – 0:20]

[Sound Description]

Music starts playing the music video’s intro (in order):

  1. Johnatha extending a note on his electric guitar with both his feet.
  2. Alvin starts to roll gently on the snare with brush sticks controlled by both his feet.
  3. Kyle lifting the piano cover and playing 8 keys in ascending order of pitch.

[0:20 – 0:30]

[Sound Description]

Guitar intros by Enos & Raul Midon ensue:

  1. Enos plays an uplifting guitar riff.
  2. Followed by Raul who joins midway with a contrasting riff with lower tones.
  3. Both slowly fade out in sound..

[0:30 – 0:40]

[Sound Description]

In a high voice register, Mandy’s angelic voice sings “Listen as your day unfolds. Challenge what the future holds. Try and keep your head up to the sky~ (extending the last note)” as colorful cloud illustrations appear above her.

[Visual Description]
  • Mandy, with flowy long red hair, a white mid-sleeve top & long navy pants strums her ukulele whilst seated in a hanging chair lined with cushions, sun shining on her through a frosted circular glass window in the background of a room painted in a warm shade of baby blue.
  • Signmark dressed in all-black and a grey beanie, appears on the bottom right of the screen as an avatar to sign the song’s lyrics throughout the video.

[0:40 – 0:49]

[Sound Description]

Alienette Coldfire sings “Lovers, they may cause you tears. Go ahead, release your fears. Stand up and be counted, don’t be ashamed to cry~“.

[Visual Description]

Alienette, in a navy top with white floral patterns, long hair across her shoulders & donning a pair of circular lens sunglasses, in the foreground of a keyboard, hanged paintings of Santorini and a tall orchid plant arrangement.

  • [0:46 – 0:49] [Visual Description] Alienette sits in front of two candles reading “3” and “0” atop a coffee cream birthday cake whilst an affectionate arm holds her long tresses back as she leans forward to blow out the candles, followed by a wide smile.

[0:50 – 0:51]

[Sound Description]

A trio of screens showing Mandy singing “You Gotta Be“.

[0:51 – 1:00]

[Sound Description]

Shalva Band members Dina Samteh & Anael Khalifa stand in a recording studio, both wearing headphones & sharing a microphone.

  1. Dina sings “You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold, you gotta be wiser~ (extending the last note)”.
  2. Anael sings “You gotta be hard, you gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger~ (extending the last note with undulating tones)”.
[Visual Description]
  • Dina is in a leather biker’s jacket, light denim jeans, red lipstick & waist-length black hair.
  • Anael is in a knee-length black dress with rolled up sleeves, shoulder-length light brown hair, rocking a pair of sunglasses & multiple bracelets in gold & leather.
  • Shots of Dina & Anael are accompanied by b-roll shots of both of them in a sandy field amongst other Shalva Band members dressed in black stomping & clapping to the beat.

[1:00 – 1:05]

[Sound + Visual Description]

Mandy, Alienette, Anael & Dina feature in a montage harmonizing the lines “You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm, you gotta stay together.. (fading the last note in a lower tone)”.

[1:05 – 1:10]

[Sound + Visual Description]

Dina, through smiles, sings “All I know, all I know, love will save the day” while a split screen shows her walking through a breezy field with a male companion.

[1:10 – 1:20]

[Sound Description]

Raul plays an acoustic guitar & sings in an extremely upbeat yet lower register “Herald what your mother said. Read the books your father read. Try to solve the puzzles in your own sweet time (last 3 words paced to the cadence of the verse)”.

[Visual Description]
  • Raul is dressed in a mandarin-collared white shirt, black blazer, distressed denim, sunglasses & flat cap.
  • Subsequent shots appear of Raul happily petting a tiny black dog in his lap whilst seated on a dark brown sofa & feeling for a metal cup on the corner of a coffee table.

[1:20 – 1:31]

[Sound Description]

  1. Johnatha strums a 5 beat intro with his feet on a red electric guitar laid flat on the ground followed by;
  2. Alienette singing “Some may have more cash than you. Others (in falsetto) take a different view” as..
  3. Enos joins the fray with a riff on his acoustic guitar.
  4. Alienette sings “My, oh, my.. Heh-eh-eh-hey“.
[Visual Description]
  • Johnatha is in a grey tee, black jeans & chest-length black hair & Enos is in a white buttoned down shirt with green and olive plant patterns.
  • 4 shots of Alienette exploring a summery riverside with a hiking stick and of her riding at the back of a tandem bike adorning a white helmet is synced with the lyrics “Heh-eh-he-hey“.

[1:31 – 1:41]

[Sound Description]

  1. Anael & Dina from the Shalva Band sing “You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold, you gotta be wiser”.
  2. Raul sings “You gotta hard. You gotta be tough. You gotta be stronger (extending the last note with undulating tones)”.

[1:41 – 1:51]

[Sound Description]

  1. Enos & Raul sing “You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm, you gotta stay together” as they pace the words ‘cool’, ‘calm, & ‘together’ calmly.
  2. Raul sings “All I know, all I know, love will save the day” (scaling the last note up several vocal registers).
[Visual Description]
  •  Johnatha plays the electric guitar with his feet.
  • Raul shares the screen with shots of Johnatha, who has shortened arms, have someone lovingly tie his long hair & Mandy twirling in a sun-filled room in a flowy, yellow summer dress.

[1:51 – 2:11]

[Sound Description]

  1. Mandy sings “Time asks no questions, it goes on without you (last 2 words in falsetto).
  2. Anael sings “Leaving you behind if you can’t stand the pace.” As Mandy signs the same phrase.
  3. A high pitched electric guitar riff by Johnatha Bastos.
  4. Mandy sings “The world keeps on spinning. You can’t stop it, if you try to.. (extending the last note in falsetto). The best part is [sic] danger staring you in the face..
[Visual Description]
  • Mandy walks along a shoreline beach, fronting a sunset skyline, strumming her ukulele.
  • Followed by a full auditorium ‘applauding’ in sign language.
  • As Mandy sings, Kenta Kambara sits in a reverse position on his manual wheelchair facing the backrest, staring intensely at the camera whilst performing a flowy hand routine followed by a handstand on the armrests of his wheelchair, lifting himself horizontally above it – body parallel to the ground – as the video frame shrinks centrally to transition to the song’s interlude.

[2:11 – 2:32]

[Sound Description]

  1. A beatboxing Wheelsmith and electric guitar-playing Johnatha welcome the interlude – with Mandy & Wheelsmith taking turns interjecting the beat with a spunky & upbeat “You Gotta Be” once each.
  2. Followed by Chris Fonseca finger-tutting, a type of visual dance using fingers, wrists and hands.
  3. Wheelsmith continues to weave in and out of the tune with “Uh huh.. you gotta be.. wiser“.
  4. Alvin plays the ride cymbal & snare as Wheelsmith and Mandy exchange “Gotta Be“s once again before Wheelsmith adds the final “You Gotta Be… Stronger“.
[Visual Description]
  • Wheelsmith sports a soul patch, gold chain necklaces, black tee and beanie with an olive bomber jacket.
  • Chris sports a white, ring-zip jacket, fresh fade hairdo & trimmed beard, finger-tutting in a small, white-walled room with a hanging poster reading “Dreams don’t work unless you do”.
  • Alvin wears a dark blue polo tee, khaki shorts, gold ankle bracelet and studio headphones in a jamming room filled with his drum set, shelf of accolades & ornaments and Japanese bamboo motif wall divider. He is leaning backwards on his drum stool as he plays the ride cymbal & snare with drumsticks controlled by his feet, wedged between his large & 2nd toe.

[2:32 – 2:54]

[Sound Description + Visual Description; within each of 4 harmonies]

  1. Mandy & female artists harmonize on four consecutive 5-second extended “Ooooh~” harmonies in alto range.
  2. 1st harmony is met with Alienette humming a note in falsetto, followed by Wheelsmith rapping “You gotta be bold, you gotta be wiser“, ending with an electric guitar riff from Johnatha.
    • [Visual Description: A montage of screens featuring Mandy & Alienette singing & Raul, Kyle, Alvin, Johnatha playing their musical instruments.]
  3. 2nd harmony melds with Kyle on the piano and Wheelsmith rapping “Yeah.. uh, you gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger“.
    • [Visual Description: A montage of Kyle & Johnatha playing their instruments whilst Signmark does a video selfie in a snow ski range wearing a luminous yellow snow jacket, black beanie, wide smile and a thumbs up.]
  4. 3rd harmony meets in chronological order with a high pitched acoustic guitar riff by Raul, Alienette singing “Oh you gotta be strong oh..“, followed by Wheelsmith rapping “You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm” and an electric guitar note using the wah bar by Johnatha.
    • [Visual Description: Slideshow of Alienette singing, Raul playing the acoustic guitar, Kenta feeding his baby with a milk bottle whilst smiling to his older daughter in front of them, Kyle playing the piano, Alvin driving his car with his feet on the steering wheel, Chris & friends dancing in a warehouse & Johnatha doing a freestyle trick with a soccer ball.]
  5. 4th harmony meets in chronological order with Raul playing another ascendingly high pitched guitar riff, Wheelsmith rapping “All I know, all I know” overlapping with Alienette singing “Love will the save the day, the day, the day” before coming back to Wheelsmith rapping “Love will save the day, yo” to a fade.
    • [Visual Description: Slideshow of Raul playing the acoustic guitar, Chris & two friends do a simple choreographed routine in front of a green screen with wide smiles and giggles, Kenta using his arms to ‘jump’ up and down alongside his smiling older daughter, Mandy chasing a crane on a white sand beach & Wheelsmith rapping and pointing to the camera.]

[2:54 – 3:04]

[Sound Description]

Backing track of combined artists plays “You gotta be stronger, you gotta be wiser” met with emphasis by Raul singing the words “Stronger” & “Wiser” with deep emotion followed by a punchy “Love. Will. Save. The. Day.” and then Mandy, within the pause, brings the tempo back up again with “You gotta be” before Johnatha down-riffs multiple frets on his electric guitar for a melodic hook pause.

[Visual Description]

A split screen of:

  • Mandy at the beach & Raul playing his acoustic guitar in his blue room,
  • Kyle with a bucket hat & checkered shawl on penning his journal in a park with deep orange autumn leaves,
  • Wheelsmith reading a book on a train in transit,
  • Mandy dancing whimsically with her ukulele in a conference hall lobby in a head-to-toe black ensemble,
  • & Johnatha’s guitar focused in top view, played by his feet.

[3:04 – 3:30]

[Sound Description]

  1. All artists harmonize for the backing track singing “You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold, you gotta be wiser” followed by 5 key changes on Johnatha’s electric guitar breaking the cadence of the song as an ode to be bad and bold.
  2. The harmonizing backing track continues with “You gotta be hard, you gotta be tough, you be stronger” (with Raul emphasizing the last word “Stronger“) .. “You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm, you gotta stay together“.
  3. Followed by an exchange between Alienette & Raul:
    1. Alienette: “All I know, all I know (in a settling tone)”.
    2. Raul: “All I know, all I know (in an uplifting tone)” + Wheelsmith rapping “Love will save the day” in the background.
    3. Alienette: “All I know, all I know (in a settling tone)” as the rest of the artists chant in the background “Love. Will Save. The Day.“.
[Visual Description]

In chronological order, a 12-frame video montage features (row-by-row; L to R) Alienette (singing), Chris (dancing), Kenta (manipulating his wheelchair folded flat and twirling on the side of its left wheel), Kyle (playing the piano), Alvin (playing the drums with his feet), Anael & Dina (singing), Mandy (Singing), Enos (playing the guitar), Johnatha (playing the electric guitar on the floor), Raul (playing the guitar), Wheelsmith (rapping), Signmark (Song Signing) followed by alternating screens of the aforementioned artists.

[3:30 – 3:45]

[Sound Description]

  1. Mandy’s ukulele & Kyle’s piano harmonise at a slower pace as Mandy sings in a closing pace “Listen as your day unfolds.. Challenge what the future holds.. Try and keep your head up to the… (pause).. Skyyyy~ (in a drifting voice).”
[Visual Description]
  • A split screen of Kyle (on piano) & Mandy (on ukulele) followed by Mandy tilting her chin upwards and gesturing an open embrace on the final word “Sky” as she looks towards a trio of screens showing Wheelsmith, Chris & Kenta all making their exit from the camera.
  • A shot of the shoreline Mandy was on, with gentle waves, closes the video.

[3:45 – 3:53]

[Visual Description]

An Event of True Colors Festival (Logo) – One World, One Family appears alongside The Nippon Foundation (Logo, Japanese & English wording) both on a white background.

[3:54 – End]

Select Artist Introductions as the “You Gotta Be” musical track plays softly in the background.

  1. Kenta: Hello, I am Kenta Kambara from Japan. I’m wheelchair dancer & aerial performer. Thank You.
    • [Visual Description: A video selfie of Kenta in double coats beneath large trees with falling yellow autumn leaves.]
  2. Johnatha: Hey guys, I’m Johnatha Bastos from Brazil.
    • [Visual Description: Johnatha runs up to a soccer ball on a grassy field and kneels on it with one knee wearing a short-sleeved Flamengo soccer club jersey exposing both of his shortened upper limbs.]
  3. Wheelsmith: Hey what is good guys? I’m a rapper all the way from Singapore. This is your boy, Wheelsmith.
    • [Visual Description: A video selfie of Wheelsmith gesturing with both his hands in a cool demeanor in a dark orange room sporting his music video outfit.]
  4. Mandy: Hello! My name is Mandy Harvey. I am a singer-songwriter. And I happen to be Deaf.
    • [Visual Description: A video selfie of Mandy in her guitar-adorned room (as appearing in the music video) as she speaks & signs at the same time.]
  5. Kyle: Hi, I’m Kyle from Tokyo. 19 years old. I am pianist & composer.
    • [Visual Description: A video selfie of Kyle standing in a park in Japan with red, orange and greenish-yellow autumn leaved trees sporting his music video outfit.]
  6. Alvin: Hi! My name is Alvin Law. I’m coming to you from Calgary, Alberta, Canada & I’m a drummer! I also have no arms. Go figure!
    • [Visual Description: Alvin sits atop a high chair with his right foot holding both drumsticks between his big and 2nd toes. His background features a warm maroon wall, a piano & a family portrait with red and white Christmas ornaments.]
  7. Chris: *signs in International Sign Language & mouths inaudibly* Hello, my name is C-H-R-I-S. Sign name “CF” from London, UK.
    • [Visual Description: A video selfie of Chris in the outfit and location of the room as he appears for most of the music video, signing his introduction as he smiles and mouths the words he’s signing, followed by 2 thumbs up.]
  8. Enos: Hi guys! I’m Enos Araujo. I’m from Paracatu in Brazil.
    • [Visual Description: A video selfie of Enos in a white button down shirt & navy blazer sporting a short afro hairdo, short beard and a wide smile.]
  9. Signmark: *signs in American Sign Language & mouths silently* Hi, I’m Signmark, Deaf rap-artist from Helsinki, Finland.
    • [Visual Description: Signmark signing animatedly in front of snow-capped steps to what looks like a church adorned with colonial pillars & statues of religious figures. He’s sports a dark blue, hooded trench coat & dark grey beanie.]
  10. Dina & Anael: ‘Hi, I’m Dina’, ‘and I’m Anael’.. (exclaiming excitedly together) ‘FROM THE SHALVA BAND!!’.
    • [Visual Description: Dina & Anael sit closely in separate leather chairs, wearing their outfits as they appeared in the music video.]
  11. Alienette: Hi. My name is Alienette. I’m a Philippino singer-songwriter and I just feel so privileged to be able to share my passion for music and for life to the world through True Colors.
    • [Visual Description: Alienette sits in a recording room displaying a keyboard (with musical scores) & sound mixer. She’s wearing a turtleneck sweater with a large, pixelated black-and-white houndstooth-checkered sweater & circular sunglasses.]
  12. Raul: Hi, I’m Raul Midon. 2-time Grammy (award) nominated artist from the United States of America and I’m really looking forward to being at the True Colors Festival. Domo Arigato (Thank You in Japanese).
    • [Visual Description: A video selfie of Raul in the outfit and location as he appears most in the music video as previously described.]

[End of Transcript]

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