A music video that presents world-class international artists brought together by
True Colors Festival

You Gotta Be features a star-studded international cast of 13 artists from 9 countries. Premieres on YouTube,
June 14.

When times are challenging, it helps to know that you’re not alone. To remember that wherever and whoever we are, we wake up, begin, move through and end our days, in the ways we do.

Along the way, we experience moments – cuddling a pet, finessing dribbling skills, hanging out with family and friends, goofing around with IG filters, mobile gaming, just breathing – no matter where or who we are.

This music video, filmed over hundreds of hours online, stars America’s Got Talent alum Mandy Harvey, Grammy nominated jazz musician Raul Midón, Strictly Come Dancing’s Chris Fonseca and Kenta Kambara, an accomplished aerial performer and dancer in an ensemble featuring many other incredible acts. Full cast information can be found further down this page.

You Gotta Be is a gentle encouragement as we deal with circumstances, to start each day listening, and looking up. It’s a reminder that we can choose to be calm, bolder, stronger, wiser, whatever each day may bring, in the ways we can. It’s a reminder that when it comes down to it, we are all human, living together in our one world.

A music video that presents world-class international artists brought together by
True Colors Festival

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  • Japanese and English Subtitles

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  1. “This is a truly powerful video - so invigorating and energizing, elevating the sentiment of the song and its message. The artists’ introductions at the end add even deeper resonance to their already inspiring performances.”
    ‐Des’ree, original recording artist of You Gotta Be

Meet the Artists

  • Aliènette Coldfire (PH)

    Aliènette Coldfire (PH)

    Born in the Philippines, hailed as a star in France. She found her voice through her love affair with Édith Piaf and the French language which she picked up from online lessons and by connecting with French speakers. What follows was a triumphant journey, eventually placing third at La France a un Incroyable Talent (France’s Got Talent) in 2016.

  • Alvin Law (CA)

    Alvin Law (CA)

    Victim to victor. These three simple words reflect the remarkable life journey of this world-class musician and motivational speaker. Alvin has spoken to literally millions of people around the world and connected with even more on social media. His message: Rewrite the negative stories we tell ourselves; start making new choices. Talk about a timely message!

  • Chris Fonseca (UK)

    Chris Fonseca (UK)

    “I touch the speaker. I touch the walls. I have my feet firmly planted on the ground. I feel the vibrations. I feel the beat… I feel them all over my body and I get goosebumps… I become one with the music.” Chris Fonseca, professional dancer, choreographer, teacher and global deaf ambassador, recently seen in Strictly Come Dancing 2020.

  • Enos Araújo Barbosa (BR)

    Enos Araújo Barbosa (BR)

    Born with the gift of a gently powerful voice, a strong faith and a desire to reach the voiceless, the homeless and the prayerful, Enos Araujo is also a leprosy survivor who beat the odds and emerged whole. Singing and playing the guitar from the time he was 13, his is the music of mission.

  • Johnatha Bastos (BR)

    Johnatha Bastos (BR)

    As a child born into a family of musicians, Johnatha Bastos dreamt of becoming a solo guitar artist. With partially formed arms it seemed a feat, but with a stroke of improvisation and providence, Johnatha has delighted audiences in his home country of Brazil and around the world with his unique approach to playing the strings — not to mention those riffs!

  • Kenta Kambara (JP)

    Kenta Kambara (JP)

    Aerial performer and wheelchair dancer. Street performer, parasportsman, swimmer, dance teacher, systems engineer, husband, dad. He walks with his arms. He performed in the Rio 2016 Paralympics closing ceremony and hopes to participate in the next Games opening ceremony. Meet Kenta Kambara, born in 1986, in Kobe, Japan.

  • Kyle Kihira (JP)

    Kyle Kihira (JP)

    Beautiful harmonies, melodies and rhythms flow out from the inner world of Kyle’s mind, where memories of all the music he has ever heard are stored. Now 19, Kyle composes music as naturally as breathing. This young piano genius has filled venues from jazz clubs to festival arenas with the emotionally sensitive yet energetic sounds of his keys.

  • Mandy Harvey (US)

    Mandy Harvey (US)

    Her barefoot performance on America’s Got Talent, which earned Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer, has been streamed millions of times. “I sing to encourage other people; that’s what makes me happy. My passion, the whole reason why I sing, is so that I can say, ‘Hey, this is what I’ve done; I really hope that I can encourage you to do the same.”(NOW) .

  • Raul Midón (US)

    Raul Midón (US)

    “(Raul) Midón has…a beautifully controlled tenor that can express anything from tenderness to passion…”(The Guardian) — a talent cultivated by devoting his whole life to beating the odds ever since being told as a child that his blindness meant he couldn’t do this or that. The Grammy-nominee writes lyrics inspired by intensely personal experiences — everything he feels, hears and touches — sensations that everyone can relate to.

  • Signmark (FI)

    Signmark (FI)

    He ignored the naysayers and the doubters and went on to release the world’s first sign language hip-hop DVD and become the first Deaf artist in the world to score a record deal with a major label. He’s the world’s best known Deaf rapper and a global champion for the promotion of sign language. Moral of the story? Believe in yourself, stake your claim and let the magic unfold.

  • The Shalva Band (IL)

    The Shalva Band (IL)

    Music connects, breaks barriers and delights, and that’s just what Dina Samteh and Anael Khalifa of The Shalva Band celebrate! Anael says: “Music is everything. It’s my home. It’s a hug. I connect to myself and to others through music. It’s me!” Together with the six other members of the band, Dina and Anael have inspired and charmed audiences and dignitaries around the world.

  • Wheelsmith (SG)

    Wheelsmith (SG)

    “In music, there is no genre called blind jazz or diabetes reggae, it’s just good music or bad music. You put in your earphones and you can’t make out whether this guy has lost a limb or not.” Meet Wheelsmith, rapper, beat boxer, songwriter, producer, and his relentless message that life isn’t about fear but about pursuing your dreams.

Creative Team

Music & Creative Direction Sydney Tan
Video Direction Jasper Tan
Music Production / Arrangement Sydney Tan / Joshua Wan
Production Team Bryan Tan, Dick Lee, Isaac Anthony, Evan Low, Bani Hidir, Charlie Lim
Mixing Bill snow
Audio Description Script Ken Chua (these)abilities
Audio Description Voice Seren Chen
Mastering Sangwook Nam of Jacob’s Well Mastering

Synchronisation License

Composition You Gotta Be
Composers / Lyricists Weekes, Desree Annette, Ashley Ingram
Original Publishers Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd
Universal Music – Careers
Ashley Ingram Music
Sub-Publisher Universal Music Publishing Pte Ltd


Presented by The Nippon Foundation
Project Management True Colors Festival Team (Tokyo & Singapore)
Digital & Social Media Marketing Light Years Comm
Media Partner Yahoo!
Special Thanks Canadian High Commision Singapore
British Council

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