Monthly Recommendations - September

By True Colors Festival Team

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September 16, 2022

Monthly Recommendations comes to the VOICE blog. Don’t miss our monthly curation of books, movies, music or podcasts to check out! Scroll down for our September selection!

This is a must-watch: “Korean artists break barriers one brushstroke at a time”, a mini-documentary by UN Web. The 15-minute documentary follows Hansol Kim and Shinhey Park, two artists with developmental disabilities. Follow them as they prepare to showcase their work alongside 43 other artists at the Seoul Art Centre. Heartwarming and endearing, the documentary’s pairing of candid interviews with behind-the-scenes moments offers an unfiltered snapshot of the hard work and dedication of these artists and their supporters.

Looking for a new book to read? Check out the Year of the Tiger, the memoir of Alice Wong, the founder of the Disability Visibility Project.

Here are all our recommendations for the month of September:

1. Korean artists break barriers one brushstroke at a timeImage portraying an artist with disability painting

This UN Documentary follows Hansol Kim and Shinhey Park on their journey to creating their art exhibition at the Seoul Art Centre.

Pic credits: UN Web TV

2. Sam’s Super Seats
Image showing the children's book titled "Sam's Super Seats"

The perfect bedtime read for the little ones, Sam’s Super Seats is a colorful picture book about a girl with cerebral palsy who goes back-to-school shopping with her friends.

Pic credits: Amazon

3. Year of the Tiger by Alice Wong
Image showing the memoir, "Year of the Tiger" by Alice Wong

Founder and director of Disability Visibility Project, Alice Wong penned her memoir which about her journey to finding and cultivating a community while continuing the fight for disability justice.

Pic credits: Amazon

4. New York Fashion Week adaptive fashion show
Image showing models at the adaptive fashion show covered by Vogue. One of the models is in a wheelchair and wearing adaptive clothing. 

As part of its New York Fashion Week coverage, Vogue puts the spotlight on Double Take – a fashion show that features adaptive clothing by Open Style Lab fellows and modelled by members of the spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) community.

Pic credits: VOGUE


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