Monthly Recommendations - January

By True Colors Festival Team

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January 20, 2023

Monthly Recommendations comes to the VOICE blog. Don’t miss our monthly curation of books, movies, music or podcasts to check out! Scroll down for our January selection!

Interviewing Joe Biden about his stuttering was just the start to this own author’s catharsis as he faced his own fears about stuttering. John Hendrickson, senior editor at The Atlantic, wrote this book detailing the isolation, depression, bullying and substance abuse that he struggled with as an individual who stutters.

Check out ‘Life on Delay: Making Peace With a Stutter’ and more in our latest edition of Monthly Recommendations!

1. Not Without Us: Perspectives on disability and inclusion in Singapore

How do we talk more about ‘disability’? As we move towards the era of big data, can we truly call ourselves smart and connected if we cannot even understand our neighbor? ‘Not Without Us’ is an exploration of societal issues and an invitation to look deeper into the disability landscape of ‘inclusive’ cities.

2. I Didn’t See You There

We look, but do we truly see? ‘I Didn’t See You There’ is a riveting experiential documentary on life as a person with cerebral palsy. Protagonist and film-maker Reid Davenport gives us a first-hand perspective of the challenges wheelchair-users face and hopes to bring more awareness to this condition.

3. Life on Delay: Making Peace with a Stutter

John Hendrickson takes readers into his world as a stutterer in this newly-released memoir. It covers his experience with bullying, substance abuse, depression, feelings of isolation, and other issues stutterers face.

4. It’s Good To Walk

Image with Ed Jackson in a jacket and the words, "IT'S GOOD TO WALK"

Following a swimming accident which left him disabled, Ed Jackson’s professional rugby career came to an end. Once told by doctors that he would never walk again, Ed has since scaled Wale’s highest mountain and now helms his own podcast series, ‘It’s Good to Walk‘.

Pic credits: Apple Podcasts

5. LIVES Project: Music, the Connector of People

LIVES Project returns with a new performance featuring musicians of all abilities! LIVES aims to build a society that is inclusive of all physical and mental abilities.


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