Monthly Recommendations - February

By True Colors Festival Team

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February 14, 2023

Monthly Recommendations comes to the VOICE blog. Don’t miss our monthly curation of books, movies, music or podcasts to check out! Scroll down for our February selection!

Love is in the air! In commemoration of Valentine’s Day, we suss out reels and good reads that celebrate love in its various forms, whether shared between family, friends or pets!

Don’t miss ‘Holding Moses’, the true story of broadway dancer Randi Rader who learns the meaning of love through her newborn’s disability. Or pick up ‘Life and Music’, a novel that chronicles a gifted musician’s experience with romance and work as she faces a life-changing medical diagnosis.

More to love in our special Valentine’s Day edition of Monthly Recommendations!

1. Holding Moses

Based on a true story, Holding Moses follows Broadway performer Randi’s journey as a new mother coming to terms with her son’s genetic disorder and learning to love him through her struggle with depression.

2. Invisible Disability

In this moving short film about college student Fay’s struggles with anxiety, we trace the bond she forms with a psychiatric service dog, Penny, and the support Penny gives her when she experiences taunting from her schoolmates due to their lack of understanding of invisible disabilities.

3. Life and Music: an inspiring and heart-warming story about learning to live with disability and finding love again

This is an image of the cover of the book “Life & Music” by Monty Raymond. The cover image shows a girl and a boy sitting at the edge of a cliff with a dog beside the boy. An eagle is flying above the title, “Life & Music”. Image source is Barnes and Noble.

Talented musician Cecelia Cavendish is at the prime of her life. Suddenly afflicted with an unknown ailment, Cecelia is forced to face the new truths that await her: being on the receiving end of prejudice and stigma. Can she fight for what she loves?

4. Then Barbara Met Alan

An image representing the film, “Then Barbara Met Alan” is shown. It features a group of eight youths and adults posing happily in front of a bus. Three of them are wheelchair users. Image source is Netflix.

Two cabaret artists meet and fall in love and begin lobbying for disability rights together. Their efforts eventually lead them to found the Disabled People’s Direct Action Network (DAN), one of the movements that spurred the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act in the UK.

5. Blind and Shine


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Meet Wei Shi, otherwise known as @kateweatherspade, the person behind the account @blindandshine. Featuring snippets of her and her husband’s life with their son, Elliot, who was born blind, the social account chronicles their learnings as they journey in life together.


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