Monthly Recommendations - December

By True Colors Festival Team

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December 23, 2022

Monthly Recommendations comes to the VOICE blog. Don’t miss our monthly curation of books, movies, music or podcasts to check out! Scroll down for our December selection!

How does Taylor Swift help Rose, a BBC reporter with Dyscalculia, tell the time? In our latest edition of Monthly Recommendations, we explore a children’s novel, podcast, song release and Apple TV+ series that will be sure to bring you some refreshing takes on life!

1. How Taylor Swift helps me to tell the time

BBC reporter, Rose, has Dyscalculia, a learning disability that affects numeric comprehension. One cool hack she uses to estimate 10 minutes is by playing 3 Taylor Swift songs.

Listen to the Access All Podcast 

Pic credits: BBC

2. This is Me

Sparsh Shah has released a new song, ‘This is Me’, to encapsulate his struggles and triumphs, from birth to youth. Produced together with Singaporean composer Sydney Tan, the song was recently showcased at the True Colors Festival THE CONCERT 2022. Fans of the rapper won’t want to miss this!

3. Ingenious Apple ad goes big on disability

To mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities, tech titan Apple has released a 2.5 minute film called The Greatest, showcasing the lives of seven people with disabilities who navigate their lives with its technologies. The film features quotes from the late Muhammad Ali, legendary boxer and disability advocate.

4. Together! 2022 Disability Film Festival

Catch the range of short films, animations and dance clips released by the Together! 2022 Disability Film Festival in December. Many of them feature or have been directed by a person with disability..

Pic credits: Together! 2022 Disability Film Festival

5. This Kind of Child

Poet and writer K Srilata, mother of a child with disability, has penned her daughter’s experiences in a book. Consisting of interviews, first-person accounts and short fiction, this is the author’s attempt to bring readers into the lived experiences of people with disabilities and their caregivers.

Pic credits: Deccan Herald

6. Circuit Breakers

Actor Cale Ferrin, born with the genetic condition Fanconi anemia, stars in new sci-fi series, Circuit Breakers. In the series, Cale brings his real-life experiences into the film, giving viewers an insight into this rare disorder.


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