The FujiTV True Colors Festival Special Live is now on YouTube

By True Colors Festival Team

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October 22, 2021

True Colors Festival invited six world-renowned performing artists including Mandy Harvey, Koshi Kishita and Viktoria Modesta to perform live and virtually on the morning news program “Mezamashi TV” during the Tokyo Paralympics. Stream the full recap on YouTube now.

By True Colors Festival Team

True Colors Festival injected an element of art into the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics by bringing to Japanese audiences virtual performances by six renowned artists. The performances aired live on the morning news program “Mezamashi TV” for six days during the Tokyo Paralympics held from 24 August to 5 September 2021. Catch the full recap on our YouTube channel (International Sign Language interpretation provided).

The six artists are drummer Alvin Law (You Gotta Be), guitarist Johnatha Bastos (You Gotta Be), musician Koshi Kishita (Stand By Me), bboy/founder of ILL-ABILITIES Luca Patuelli (True Colors Dance; This is Hip-Hop!), singer/songwriter Mandy Harvey (You Gotta Be), and model/singer and first-time TCF collaborator Viktoria Modesta. Combining performances with video interviews, the FujiTV True Colors Festival Special Live is entertainment spiced with insights into their lives and lived experiences which make for self-reflection. 

For instance, when asked about the source of his motivation, Canadian drummer Alvin said, “First of all, I feel as if I am one of the most lucky people on planet earth because I discovered my reason for being. When you’re born without arms and you’re younger, you spend a lot of time asking, ‘Why me?’… When I was young, [my mother] reminded me that someday the answers would come to me… So every day that I get a chance to tell my story, whether it’s live or on a virtual stage, or on a computer, or in a film, or even in a book, I cherish them because it does define who I am and why I’m here.”

Does it make you wonder… have you found your purpose?

FujiTV True Colors Festival Special Live is now available to stream on YouTube. International Sign Language interpretation provided. 

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