The official documentary series, True Colors MOVIE 1st, “True Colors DANCE” has been released.

The official documentary series, True Colors MOVIE 1st, “True Colors DANCE” has been released.。

The ILL-ABILITIES coming to Japan, and the Japanese dancers and workshop attendees who have enjoyed the performance with them are presented in three parts.

Please take a look.

True Colors DANCE ~No Limits~

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Place:Inaribashi Square in front of Shibuya Stream
Line-up: ILL-Abilities, The Floorriorz, Bboy Shigekix, Bgirl Ram, Bboy Taisuke, SOCIAL WORKEEERZ, LJ BREAKERS, UNO/NOPPO(s**t kingz) MC:KITE, Chigusa Comentater: Bboy Katsu1, DJ:DJ MAR SKI, Sign Language Translation: Ichiro Hashimoto, Tomomi Komatsu
Organized by The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS

Video Production

Producer: Yuta Kuronuma (Loftwork inc.)
Director / Script Writer: Yasuhiro Tamura (EXIT FILM inc.)
Cinematographers: Yasuhiro Tamura (EXIT FILM inc.), Hideki Nishizawa (EXIT FILM inc.)
Editor: Hideki Nishizawa (EXIT FILM inc.)
Camera Assistants: Sora Tamura (EXIT FILM inc.), Yusuke Kamikawa, Miku Unoh (KOTETSU inc.)
Production Assistants: Hideki Nishizawa (EXIT FILM inc.), Sora Tamura (EXIT FILM inc.)
Gaffer: Hisakazu Nomura (WATT)
Sound Engineer: Masashi Iwanami (D,IOS Nakano Sakaue Studio), Motoki Sagawa (Dogenzaka 702 Studio)
Translation: Saya Terai (EXIT FILM inc.)



What can hip-hop be? 10 takeaways

By True Colors Festival Team

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