“CONNECTED in True Colors DANCE” (In cooperation with DANCEWORKS) A dance workshop with support for people with hearing impairment

Date & Time: Tuesday, September 10, 15:30~16:30
Location: Shibuya Stream ground floor, Inaribashi Square
Capacity: 30 people (prior registration required)

*Registration will be closed when capacity is filled.
*Participants will receive an email from DANCE WORKS with details about the workshop.
*People who are hearing impaired will have priority.
*Please beware that your reservation will be completed when you receive a confirmation email from DANCE WORKS.Until this your reservation is not complete.

Participation Fee: Free

Workshop Overview

As part of the True Colors DANCE –No Limits- program, we will host an open workshop that will take place at the Shibuya Stream Inaribashi Square dance space. After initial stretching exercises we will train in rhythm and learn to combine simple steps, leading to a dance that we will do all together at the end.
We welcome everyone from children to adults and you don’t have to have prior experience in dance. Supporting staff will be there to help communicate through sign language and assist with the dancing.

Teacher profile


UNO is soulful dancer who can engage the audience with her impressive skills and imaginative movements. She is active as a choreographer for artists, fashion model, and illustrator. She is also the founder of CONNECTED – a dance project that brings together people beyond their nationalities, age, gender, and limitations through music and caring.

NOPPO(s**t kingz)

Not only his tall height, but NOPPO also stands out with his sound dance skills that led him to collaborate with numerous cutting edge dancers and artists. His dance style that fluctuates between fast and slow movements has gained him many fans within the dancer community. He is the face of s**t kingz with his skilled miming techniques and his cute smile.

* In April of 2016, dancer UNO and dancer and DJ with hearing loss DAICHI founded “CONNECTED” – a dance project that brings together people beyond their nationalities, age, gender, and limitations through music and heart.

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