True Colors JAZZ

True Colors JAZZ The Extra-Ordinary Meets the World Directed by Takashi Matsunaga – ACCESS (Kumamoto)

Access from Kumamoto Station


  • 1. After exiting ticket gates of both Shinkansen and local railways, go left towards Shirakawa Gate (East Gate).

  • 2. After you exit Shirakawa-Gate (East Gate), the tram platform for Kumamoto station stop will be in front of you. There are braille block from the station exit and there are no steps between the train station and the tram platform.

  • 3. Board the tram going to Kengunmachi (the direction of Kumamoto-jo and Suizenji Park).

    On the “Ultra-low floor tram” wheelchairs can easily board and there is a designated space for wheelchairs as soon as you get on.

  • 4. If you board the “Ultra-low floor tram” at 17:41 or 18:12, you will make it in time for the JAZZ concert.

  • 5. Alight at Hanabatacho. There will be enough space for wheelchairs to safely get on and off.

  • 6. After exiting the platform cross the street on the right side (traffic light without sounding device).

  • 7. Cross the same junction on the left and continue toward the right (traffic light without sounding device)

  • 8. Turn left on the first street (No traffic light, no sounding device)

  • 9. After 60m or so on the right side there will be the KOHEN Buidling where CIB is located.

  • 10. 2nd floor of KOHEN Building. There is no elevator.

  • 11. Go up the stairs. Arrived at CIB.
    If you are attending in a wheelchair or need assistance, you can reserve Viewing Support or call on the day of the event. Our staff will assist you at the venue.
    CIB: 096-355-1001(Monday – Saturday 18:00 ~ 1:00)
    True Colors Operating Office: 090-4420-6416 (Only available on the day of event)

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By True Colors Festival Team

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True Colors Festival 2020/2021

True Colors Festival (TCF) presented by The Nippon Foundation is a series of performing arts events presented across geographies, in celebration of diversity and inclusion as “One World One Family.”

Through festivals since 2006 in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, and Japan, TCF has presented more than 1,100 performing artists from more than 30 countries and attracted more than 40,000 people.

The re-start of TCF 2020/2021 marks its commitment to tap on the power of the arts to connect artists and audiences in experiences such as music videos, film screenings, children’s programs, musicals, concerts, and workshops.

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