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Viewing Support – The Concert 2022

Viewing Support Seats

• Should you require assistance and need to be accompanied to the concert, you may purchase a set of 2 tickets — for yourself and your caregiver — at the price of one ticket. Please be sure to purchase a ticket for a Viewing Support Seat.

• You may be asked to present your disability certificate at any time during the concert. Please have your disability certificate with you.

• If you require tickets for more than one caregiver or if a family member or friend is attending the concert with you, select tickets from the same category and row and make the purchase at the same time.
We will arrange the seat numbers to ensure that your group can be seated together. We cannot accommodate requests for different seat types or purchase times.
You and your caregiver must enter the venue at the same time.

• Should you require support such as if you need help navigating your seat, or if you are unsure about which ticket to purchase, or if we do not offer seats that meet your desired viewing needs, please contact the Office of the Secretariat.

• Please feel free to visit the Accessible Viewing Support Service Counter at the venue should you require various viewing support or related assistance.

Accessible Features

  1. Japanese Sign Language and International Sign interpreters

    Japanese Sign Language and International Sign interpreters
    will be present and signing for the entire concert on both dates

  2. Real-time subtitles

    Real-time subtitles
    in Japanese and English

  3. Tablets with multilingual subtitles

    Tablets with multilingual subtitles
    in about 10 languages will be available for rental

  4. Japanese and English audio guides will be

    Japanese and English audio guides will be
    available for rental

  5. Audio hearing aids

    Audio hearing aids
    with volume-adjustable hearing loops will be available for rental

  6. Accessible restrooms

    Accessible restrooms
    are located on each floor (Stalls on the 2nd floor, Circle 1 on the 3rd floor, Circle 2 on the 4th floor and Circle 3 on the 5th floor)
    Click for reference

  7. Support Staff

    Support Staff
    If you require assistance, please let a staff member know

  8. Calming Room

    Calming Room
    The private space can fit 2 to 3 people at any one time.

Assurance of Information on Stage

  • Assurance of Information on Stage

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