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Q. Are tickets sold by the Office of the Secretariat for True Colors Festival THE CONCERT 2022?

Tickets are not sold by the Office of the Secretariat for True Colors Festival THE CONCERT 2022. Please purchase tickets from the authorized ticketing agents.

Tickets can be purchased online from eplus, Ticket Pia and Lawson Ticket. CN Playguide sells tickets both online and over the telephone.

Q. Will there be Viewing Support Seats?

Yes, there will be. Due to the limited number of Viewing Support Seats, we recommend requesting one early to avoid disappointment. If the available number of Viewing Support Seats run out, we will be unable to accommodate requests.

Q. Do you sell tickets at the door?

There are currently no plans to sell tickets at the door on either day of the concert, November 19 and November 20. If there will be ticket sales at the door, we will announce this in advance on our official website and social media.

Q. How do I purchase tickets?

Tickets can be purchased via the authorized ticketing agents below:


ii.Eplus, Ticket PIA, Lawson Ticket

iii.Hotline booking via CN Playguide at 0570-08-9955

Q. Do I need to purchase tickets for my child?

i.Elementary school students and above need to purchase a ticket to enter the concert venue.

ii.Admission is free for preschoolers if they do not occupy an individual seat. Preschoolers who require a separate seat will need a ticket.

Q. Will I need to purchase a ticket for my caregiver?

Should you require assistance and need to be accompanied to the concert, you may purchase a set of 2 tickets — for yourself and your caregiver — at the price of one ticket. Please be sure to purchase a ticket for a Viewing Support Seat. You and your caregiver must enter the venue at the same time.

You may be asked to present your disability certificate at any time during the concert. Please have your disability certificate with you.

Q. What if I am attending with more than one family member/friend?

If you require tickets for more than one caregiver or if a family member or friend is attending the concert with you, select tickets from the same category and row and make the purchase at the same time.

We will arrange the seat numbers to ensure that your group can be seated together. We cannot accommodate requests for different seat types or purchase times.


Q. Are there accessible washroom facilities available at the concert venue?

Yes, there will be accessible washrooms available on each floor. Click here for the location of each washroom.

Q. What types of accessible seating are available?

There are various accessible seats designed for patrons requiring wheelchair access, audio guides and visual support. Kindly refer to our Ticketing page for the types and locations of the accessible seats.

Q. What are the accessibility features of the performances?

Accessibility features have been built into the performance. Please visit our Viewing Support Seats page for more information.

The live concert

Q. Which languages will the concert be hosted in?

English and Japanese.

Q. What is the duration of the concert?

Approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Q. Is there an intermission?

There will be no intermission.

COVID-19 Precautions

Q. What are the pandemic precautionary measures?

  • Thorough disinfection of common areas in the venue
  • Temperature-taking of all personnel involved in the concert
  • Good ventilation within the venue
  • Compulsory mask-wearing and frequent hand sanitizing for all staff and officials

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