It’s not about who’s right but is about the atmosphere and groove.

Artist / True Colors BEATS performer

KOM I (Wednesday Campanella)

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August 03, 2020

For the world today to improve, I feel it’s important to think with our unconsciousness, without following the route of “thinking.” I grew up in an environment full of earnest, studious people and we were used to “thinking and solving problems by using our intelligence.” But having started music after leaving this kind of environment, I’m very aware of the strength of unconsciousness.

If we could not think about anything and just follow in the direction that feels good to the body, I think the acrimony would disappear… And a lot of things will go more smoothly.
I felt that the general participants also experienced this natural, effortless feeling at the True Colors BEATS workshop. One of the great things about music is that you can do it alone, but when you get together with a lot of people and find a difference of opinion with the person next to you, it’s not a matter of who is right or more logical, but it’s up to the vibes (atmosphere and groove) if you will. I saw people enjoying the decision making, with neither of them feeling sad. As the workshop progressed, it was thought-provoking to see a glimpse of “society” form in the True Colors BEATS orchestra.

KOM_I (Instagram)
True Colors BEATS ~Uncountable Beats Festival~
Wednesday Campanella

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