10 shout-outs: "You Gotta Be" music video

By True Colors Festival

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July 07, 2021

Original recording artist Des’ree loves it, and you love it too! We’re talking about You Gotta Be, our music video which has been watched more than 1 million times. Here’s what people are saying!

By True Colors Festival Team

“This is a truly powerful video – so invigorating and energizing, elevating the sentiment of the song and its message. The artists’ introductions at the end add even deeper resonance to their already inspiring performances.”
‐Des’ree, original recording artist of You Gotta Be

1. “Wow man coool you made my day i started dancing while listening to you”
Mir Baloch Baloch, YouTube

2. “Such a thoughtful rendition of this song. I really love how it was mixed too. You are all amazing!”
SakuBunny, YouTube

3. “Love the introductions at the end. There were many people in the lives of these artists who gave them the incredible confidence and opportunities to turn to music. I am going to make this a lesson for my class this week. With one message: You don’t need language to speak.”
Lathika, teacher, 60s, US

4. “It is so beautiful, so inspiring, so heartwarming, so empowering… I had so many emotions watching it… smiling, crying, feeling strong, feeling superbly inspired…well done.”
Anika Singh, social change activist, India

5. “This is such a touching display of inclusiveness undergirded by an unconditional regard for one another’s super creativity and talent! Great team effort!!!”
Leonard Kwek, YouTube 

6. “Persons with disability can live their dreams with their grit and determination with some help from the family, society, technology and policies.”
Mrinal Chatterjee, journalist, India 

7. “Things look brighter, I feel hopeful and energized. It’s truly a wonderful production, grace-filled in fact. Love it!!”
Mei, editor, 50s, Singapore

8. “One of the most beautiful and meaningful videos I’ve seen this year. I love those lyrics and the reminder that we can choose our perspectives. Such a great choice of song and extraordinary performers all round!”
Susan, Life Coach, Singapore

9. “One of the best performance I have ever seen so far, great work, thanks for your effort. Desree’s song is a good choice for completing its message.”
Erdem Gunay, YouTube 

10. “Sometimes things can be easy but it’s hard and sometimes things are hard but can actually be really easy.”
Seraphina, 6, student, Singapore

You Gotta Be is available to watch on YouTube, watch it now!

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