True Colors MUSICAL

True Colors MUSICAL “HONK! by Phamaly ” – ACCESS(Fukutoshin Line Ikebukuro Access Route)

For people with visual impairments

Access Route Without Stairs/ For Wheelchair Users

Fukutoshin Line Ikebukuro Access Route
For people with visual impairments

Photos from the station to the venue.

  • 1. Exit “West Passage East Exit” and turn left following the yellow pavement blocks for visually impaired towards Marunouchi Line and Yurakucho Line.

  • 2. Go straight and climb stairs ahead.

  • 3. After climbing stairs follow the yellow pavement blocks straight for about 30 meters.

  • 4. Follow the yellow pavement blocks and turn left before “TOBU TOP TOURS.”

  • 5. Follow the yellow pavement blocks and turn right at the signage of “JRKippu Uriba).”

  • 6. Continue straight towards the East Exit with “TOBU TOP TOURS” on your right side following the yellow pavement blocks.

  • 7. Go straight with Tobu Tojyo Line on your left side (don’t turn at the alert bock but continue straight).

  • 8. Continue straight with the JR ticket machines on your left side (the yellow pavement blocks for visually impaired will end here. Turn right at the alert block, then turn left at the first alert block).

  • 9. Continue straight with “JR Central Gate 2” on your left side.

  • 10. With the Marunouchi Line on your right side, continue straight (at the first junction of the yellow pavement blocks turn left, then turn right on the second one and continue straight).

  • 11. At the signage that says “East Exit (N)” turn left as the arrow shown on the sign.
    The yellow pavement blocks that you have followed will branch to both left and right. Turn left.

  • 12. Continue straight along the yellow pavement blocks for visually impaired.

  • 13. When you reach the owl statue (Ikefukuro) go up the stairs on your right side (if you turn on the second alert block while you are following the yellow pavement blocks, you will reach the stairs).

  • 14. After climbing the stairs go along the yellow pavement blocks for visually impaired and exit the station.

  • 15. With the station on your back, cross the street at the pedestrian traffic signal. There is a middle part that divides the crossing into two sections each with a traffic signal.

  • 16. After crossing the first signal, go along the yellow pavement blocks for visually impaired. This will take you to the second signal. Proceed to cross.

  • 17. After crossing, proceed to the left side along the drugstore “Sun Drug” (If you are following the yellow pavement blocks for visually impaired, turn left on the first alert block then turn right on the second).

  • 18. Proceed straight along the yellow pavement blocks for visually impaired.

  • 19. Continue straight with Kurosawa Gakki Ikebukuro on the right side.

  • 20. Pass Kurosawa Gakki Honkan on the right side that is two stores.

  • 21. Cross the pedestrian crosswalk with no traffic signals toward“Sumitomo Ikebukuromae Building.”

  • 22. Continue straight with “Café de Crie” on your right.

  • 23. Continue straight and cross a small pedestrian crosswalk with no traffic signals.
    (be aware that the yellow pavement blocks will end ahead).

  • 24. Continue straight with a flower shop on your right.

  • 25. At the next pedestrian crossing turn left and cross the street (there will be an alert block before crossing but there is not traffic signal).

  • 26. Continue straight with”ABC Mart”on your left. (no yellow pavement blocks here).

  • 27. Continue straight with ”A N I M A T E”on your right.

  • 28. Go straight through the plaza with “Toshima City Center” on the right side.

  • 29. After the plaza, turn right before the first junction. Cross the pedestrian traffic light without the audio signal.

  • 30. There will be the entrance of “Brillia Hall”, the venue for this event in front of you.

  • 31. After entering, there are stairs in the direction of 11 o’clock and an escalator at 2 o’clock. When facing the escalator, the right side goes up and the left side goes down.

  • 32. The 2ndfloor is the lobby. Please talk to one of the staff members there.

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