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True Colors Festival in Azerbaijan

True Colors Festival's Live Event in Baku, Azerbaijan

In 2022, the year that marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Azerbaijan, a two-day True Colors Festival's real event will be held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. A variety of musicians and dancers from Japan and Azerbaijan will perform.

True Colors Festival in Azerbaijan

21:00-23:00 (UTC+4)
24th (Fri.), 25th (Sat.) June, 2022

Seaside Boulevard, Baku, Azerbaijan
92 Neftçilər Prospekti, Bakı, Azerbaijan
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  • Yusuke Anazawa

    Yusuke Anazawa

    Violinist, viola player, arranger, and radio personality.
    He has appeared on NHK for a total of 13 days in programs related to the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. He is also a monthly radio personality on NHK Radio. Born with heart and eye disabilities, he is currently totally blind. He has released 19 CDs so far. In 2014, published his first book, and in 2018, he performed at the True Colours Festival, an Asia-Pacific disability arts festival held in Singapore. He has received numerous awards, including the Grand Prix at the 7th Gold Concert.

  • Showji Kawasaki

    Showji Kawasaki

    Guitarist, born in 1967 in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Although his limbs were paralyzed as a child due to the effects of an unexplained high fever, he developed a unique technique as a guitarist and won the Best Guitarist Award at a major musical instrument company contest in 1989. 2021 he performed at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Paralympics. He has been performing at live houses and various events, as well as giving talk shows at schools. He also belongs to the Nagano Prefectural Council of Social Welfare, where he promotes the rights and social participation of people with disabilities and works to develop human resources for welfare. Father of one child.

  • Akiko Tomida

    Akiko Tomida

    A visually impaired (left eye prosthesis, right eye low vision) taiko (Japanese drumming) percussionist.
    Blind in left eye due to uveitis, cataracts, and Hashimoto’s disease, she became a prosthetic eye in March 2018 at the age of 26. Progressive amblyopia in right eye as well; master of the Yamashiro School of Japanese drumming in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture, which she began studying at age 4; electronic taiko performance as part of the TOKYO 2020 Paralympics opening ceremony para orchestra; NHK radio personality “Link Square” (4th year as a personality on national broadcasting); percussionist performer, singer, and She is also active as a percussion performer, singer, model, TV personality, lecturer, and other multi-talented individuals. Her policy is “I want to be like the sun for everyone” and “I want to feel with my mind’s eye even if I am totally blind.”

  • Hiroko Higashino

    Hiroko Higashino

    Musical actress.
    She studied ballet, jazz dance, and voice while in college, and after graduation she worked as a company employee while performing. 2018 she began her stage career in earnest, performing in the Asia Pacific Disability Arts Festival “True Colours Festival” (Singapore), “big the musical” (Hakuhinkan Theater ), True Colors MUSICAL “Honk! by Phamaly”. She has performed in many events and musicals, including the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremony. She is also currently working as an ‘acampanist’ with SLOW LABEL.


The team was formed by members who practice in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, at Koku Kouen Station.
The team is active mainly in dance battles, using the “footwork” of breakdancing as their weapon.



    Dancer with white cane .
    He has retinitis pigmentosa, an eye disease. Working as a pharmacist, he is also active in many fields of breakdance using a white cane. He aims to spread understanding of people with disabilities through his performances.
    He was a backup dancer for neo NATION Zeebra Live and performed at the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. Performed “Matsuken Samba II’ in in the 72nd Kohaku Uta Gassen 2021

  • Ryoma Suzuki

    Break Dancer
    He was active in dance battles since he was a student. He became representative of the Kanto region and 2nd place in the national competition. Currently active in dance battles and showcases.
    Backup dancer for neo NATION Zeebra Live
    King of college vol.2 2nd place
    Buzz Style vol.8 Kanto representative


  • Ryoko Nakajima

    Ryoko Nakajima

Wheelchair Influencer.
When she was 9 years old, she suddenly became unable to walk. she became paralyzed in the lower half of her body for unknown cause and has since been confined to a wheelchair.She was diagnosed with transverse myelitis.
While she was still without hope due to her sudden disability, she was moved by the film “Titanic.
Since then, as she came into contact with cultures and values from all over the world through movies, she dreamed of making movies herself and inspiring people. After graduating from the University of Southern California’s film school, she returned to Japan and worked as a video editor at FOX Networks.
In 2018, she became a wheelchair influencer, and through Youtube production, TV appearances, and speaking engagements, she continues to send out messages to make Japanese society and Japanese people barrier-free by “breaking the common sense of the disabled”



  • Nicat Kazimov

    Photo by Daisaku Kawase

    Nicat Kazimov


  • Dayanat Mammadov

    Dayanat Mammadov

  • Sabina Mammadova

    Sabina Mammadova


  • DanceAbility Azerbaijan

    DanceAbility Azerbaijan

  • Farqan Arifoghlu

    Farqan Arifoghlu

  • Fatima Akbarli

    Fatima Akbarli

  • Fidan Alakbarova & Emin Ismayilov

    Fidan Alakbarova & Emin Ismayilov

  • Gulnar Hamidova

    Gulnar Hamidova

  • Mehman Chingizoghlu

    Mehman Chingizoghlu

  • Nurlan Ahmadov

    Nurlan Ahmadov

  • Sabina Asgarova

    Sabina Asgarova

  • Seymur Aliyev

    Seymur Aliyev

  • Sola & Sadig Hasanov

    Sola & Sadig Hasanov

  • Xaliq Snarifov

    Xaliq Snarifov

  • Yaser Azizov

    Yaser Azizov


Organised by The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS
Supported By The Nippon Foundation
Co-organised by National Abilympic Federation of the Republic of Azerbaijan
With special support from Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Azerbaijan

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