True Colors Attendant

The True Colors Festival will create events that are enjoyable to everyone regardless of one’s ability. We are looking for people to help us build accessible environments leading up to the True Colors CONCERT. After taking part in specialized lectures and practical training sessions, you will be expected to join the production of events and eventually take a leadership role within the attendant staff at the final concert.

Becoming a True Colors Attendant

Step1: Learn! – Broadening your perspective

September 22, 2019 (Sunday) Time: 13:00〜15:00
Information Session & Official Registration
Location: The Nippon Foundation Building 2nd Floor Meeting Room

September 28, 2019 (Saturday) Time: 13:30〜15:30
Attending people with disabilities and elders workshop
Location: The Nippon Foundation Building 2nd Floor Meeting Room

October 5, 2019 (Saturday) Time: 13:00〜15:00
Non-verbal communication for festival attendants workshop
Location: Loftwork 10th Floor

October 13, 2019 (Sunday) Time: 13:00〜16:00
Briefing session for festival program
Location: Loftwork 10th Floor

Step2: Do! – Gaining experience through taking action

You will be expected to join the production of events
between October 2019 to June 2020.

Step3: Excel! – Becoming a leader.

Participate at the True Colors Concert and take a leadership role within the attendant staff.

We look forward to applicants who want to:

  • Use their skills and experiences in services, translation, support, and caregiving to expand into new areas.
  • Want to learn more about the cutting edge in performing arts programs.
  • Are interested in diversity and want to meet other like-minded people.
  • Want to meet with pioneers in the field of diversity.
  • Want to be part of the True Colors Festival.

Applicant requirements

  • Interested in the concept and goals of the True Colors Festival.
  • Over 18 years old.
  • Can actively participate in programs of the True Colors Festival.
  • Can communicate in Japanese (Nationality can be of any and we welcome people that can speak additional languages).
  • Can be reached by Email.


  • Participation in training sessions and certification without charge of fee (Festival Operating Office will cover these costs).
  • Invitation to some programs of the True Colors Festival.
    *You will not be able attend programs as an audience member that you are assigned to as an attendant.
    Per diem will not be provided for the information and registration session on September 22.
  • Per diem of 1,000 yen to cover travel and food costs on the day of working. *No meals will be provided.
  • Original festival T-shirt(TBC).
  • Enrollment in volunteer insurance (Festival Operating Office will cover cost).

Contact attendant@truecolors2020.jp

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True Colors Festival 2020/2021

True Colors Festival (TCF) presented by The Nippon Foundation is a series of performing arts events presented across geographies, in celebration of diversity and inclusion as “One World One Family.”

Through festivals since 2006 in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, and Japan, TCF has presented more than 1,100 performing artists from more than 30 countries and attracted more than 40,000 people.

The re-start of TCF 2020/2021 marks its commitment to tap on the power of the arts to connect artists and audiences in experiences such as music videos, film screenings, children’s programs, musicals, concerts, and workshops.

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